Exploring Omicron: what UKHSA is doing now

Last month, a new variant of the virus that causes COVID-19 infection, called Omicron, was identified, and countries around the world are taking steps to identify cases and epidemics and curb their spread as we learn more. All viruses change and evolve naturally over time, and SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is no exception. … Read more

Dr. Jumana Nagarwala was arrested: Why was a doctor of Indian origin arrested? All his Wikipedia and payments for genital mutilation

Dr. Jumana Nagarwala Arrested: Why was Indian Origin Doctor arrested? Stay tuned for every detail. Tri. The god from Nagarwala Northville has been char Dr. Jumana Nagarwala Arrested: Why was Indian Origin Doctor arrested? Stay tuned for every detail. Dr. Jumana Nagarwala from Northville has been charged with female genital mutilation (FGM). He could be … Read more

COVID-19 statistics 7 December 2021 | The outpost of the lost coast

Humboldt County Public Health today reported 20 new cases of COVID-19, raising a total of 10,279 residents who are virus-positive. Three new hospitalizations were also reported, two for 40-year-olds and one for 80-year-olds or older. Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman said in a presentation to the board this morning that there are still … Read more

Saliva test for Covid-19: How does it work? | GREAT STORY – The Straits Times

Saliva test for Covid-19: How does it work? | GREAT STORYThe Straits Times Researchers in Singapore are developing a rapid test for a saliva-based antigen that could “change the game”TODAY S’pore accepts saliva test for pre-departure Covid-19 tests, price similar to cotton swabGotta share the news Saliva test available in Singapore for passenger Covid-19 tests … Read more

The comet Leonard will appear this December before it disappears forever

There’s a new comet in town, and December is your only chance to see it before it disappears forever. Astronomers say the comet Leonard will be our best and brightest comet in 2021. Astronomer Greg Leonard first discovered the comet in January. According to Sky & Telescope, the celestial body has probably spent the last … Read more

Sony Introduces Prototype 8K VR Headphones • Eurogamer.net

However, don’t expect this on PSVR. Sony has unveiled a prototype for the 8K VR headset. The prototype promises better visual accuracy, lower latency and OLED microdisplays. However, don’t get too excited about PSVR: these headphones are probably meant for purposes other than gaming. The prototype was developed by Sony R&D (not the PlayStation) and … Read more

Pokemon Unite announces a holiday event with a new Pokemon

Pokemon Connect The last Pokemon of the year will be added to a brand new celebration event. The Holiday Festival runs from 15 December to 16 January. and includes a variety of Christmas-themed events and bonuses. Dragonite in particular will be added to the game as a playable Pokemon as part of the event, and … Read more

Sahara Little, 6, missing; Taken inside a stolen car in Philadelphia – NBC10 Philadelphia

What to know Pennsylvania State Police Amber Alert is focusing on a 6-year-old girl hours after she was arrested when her family car was stolen from outside Giovanni’s Pizzeria on Greene Street in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. When she disappeared, Sahara Little wore a pink jacket with a fluffy hood, brown khaki pants and … Read more