343 already knows the Battle Pass progression of the “Halo Infinite” multiplayer needs to be improved

Everyone is excited to be able to jump into Halo Infinite multiplayer three weeks ahead of Microsoft’s surprising anniversary announcement yesterday. But by the time people start playing the game, a common refreen has already formed.

“This is fun, but what’s wrong with this battle passport?”

Because this is a shooter that will exist in 2021, Halo Infinite now must to introduce a seasonal combat passport model if it wants to keep pace and generate revenue. But while it has the basics of fighting down, a combat passport system where progress is being made only completing the challenges exhausts players from day one here.

The thing is, 343 already knows this system is bad. This was a complaint even on technical flights with a small mini-combat passport that could be processed. But now that the full version is live, with 100 lines and over 160 items, players can see how scary it really is.

The problem is that the battle pass gives XP only through challenges, which means XP has almost no effect on how well you perform in a match. Yes, you are always given a kill or win goal, but this is very, very unlike most games where if you say go crazy and kill a lot of kills in the game, it’s much more valuable. XP like someone who stumbles through a match doing hardly anything.

Halo Infinite has a daily challenge that is practically only 100 XP for every two matches (at least that’s the only one I’ve seen so far), which means that “clean” grinding without other challenges is 20 games on one level. battle passport. Weekly Challenges give you more XP, but they can be related to some things you can’t control, such as random access to a specific match type or a map with a specific type of weapon you need to kill.

Again, 343 have already taken feedback on this, and they say they are working to improve the system. Here is what they said during the technical flights:

“While we understand the community ‘s feedback on the need for a steady XP and more ways to earn XP with Battle Pass, we are optimistic that the system available with the release will provide players with adequate resources to continually achieve some progress,” 343 said. “Beyond the release for the future, we expect these systems to evolve in direct collaboration with player feedback.”

In short, they said they would not change anything with the release, but they would develop the system in the future. But I don’t think their optimism was in place here, surprisingly, everyone still just hates the challenge system. That often No it feels like you’re making progress because if you’re not in X-mode with a Y-gun, you can have literally zero other tasks in a match than getting one of two completions for a daily challenge. It’s obviously frustrating to throw in 20 kill games and possibly get as much progress as someone with 3 kills. I can’t think of another game in this genre with such a limited XP system.

Maybe this is starting to feel like a little better when XP effects are opened and events or double XP weekends begin. But even now there is a special prize for completing all the weekly challenges, so players feel like they are own contact the current system so they don’t lose some cool cosmetics (golden visor this week).

This current period runs until May 2022, so with the current system, it would be half a year if no changes are made. I really hope something changes before that, but if not, we just have to focus on having fun while playing and try to ignore the unrewarded grinding system currently in use.

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