A24 compiles A-List as an actress in Fantasy Epic The Legend of Ochi

Production company A24 recently announced a new upcoming project called Ochin legend. The film is considered a fantasy epic. It is Isaiah Saxon’s directorial debut. She directs lead roles that include Willem Dafoe, Emily Watson, Finn Wolfhard and Helena Zegel. The name is based on Saxon’s original characters, world, and script.

The project summary includes:Ochin legend follows a young girl (Zengel) fleeing home and learning to communicate with an animal species called Ochi. “Composer and founder of Dirty Projectors, Dave Longstreth, creates the original score for the film. He has collaborated with Saxon Animation and the film. Studio Encyclopedia Pictura on several occasions.


Isaiah Saxon, who was one of the founders of the Encyclopedia Pictura, has worked in the music industry. He has directed music videos for many musicians including Bjork, Panda Bear, Kanye West, Grizzly Bear and the previously mentioned Dirty Projectors. It’s interesting to see his leap from music to the big screen. Encyclopedia Pictura is also working on another project, an animation series for Apple. Its pilot coming to Cartoon Network has been named do it yourselfThe show is inspired by the DIY.org online community, which has been created to teach children practical skills.

Production roles are handled by Saxon and Encyclopedia Pictura as well as Traci Carlson and Richard Peete from Neighborhood Watch and Jonathan Wang from the rat years. Similar producers are also involved Avengers: Endgame directors Russo Brothers, and Mike Larocca and Angela Russo-Otstot from AGBO. Producers also include Louise Lovegrove and Alex Plapinger.

A24 has developed some of the most acclaimed films of the last decade, including drama Moonlight, scifi Ex Machina and horror title HereditaryThe studio is best known for its adult stories. However, Ochin legend is the first family film created by the company. It has themes that A24 fans are used to at this point. Insiders describe the project as a setback for an old-school preschool.Lord of the Rings Pictures of Peter Jackson. Apparently, the company’s leaders loved Saxon’s world so much that they seized the opportunity to work with him.

People in the Hollywood industry know A24 is taking on great opportunities with new directors, as they did during their debut director Ari Aster. Hereditary. The film was the box office and became part of the list of the best films of 2010 by many critics. In addition to taking risks, A24 is also known for its long-standing collaboration with filmmakers. After his second film Midsummer Aster, which premiered in 2019, began working on its third title with the company. His new project is currently being filmed. Ochin legend could be the start of a new long-term partnership between Saxon and the A24.

Saxon is represented by Verve, 2AM and Hansen, Jacobson. Dafoeta is represented by the CAA and the Circle of Confusion. WITH the angel is represented by the CAA and the Artists Partnership. Watson is represented by UTA, Independent Talent in the UK and Schreck Rose. Wolfhard is represented by CAA, Velocity Entertainment Partners and Jackoway Austen. This news originated in Deadline.

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