Actress Eliza Dushku talks about sexual harassment, kicking and revenge in the TV series Bull

Trigger Warning: This article contains information about the alleged sexual harassment.

Actor Eliza Dushku shared his experience of sexual harassment in filming of a U.S. TV series Bull before the House Committee on Legal Affairs, speaking of being expelled from the motion and being forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

In 2016, Dushku played a recurring role in Season 1 Bull it was supposed to become a regular role, but he claims he was expelled from the series after accusing star Michael Weatherly of sexual harassment.

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Eliza Dushku participates in Samuel Goldwyn's films with The Cinema Society hosts a special screening "Mapplethorpe" Cinepolis in Chelsea on February 14, 2019 in New York.
Eliza Dushku was fired from Bull after she accused the actor of sexual harassment. (Getty)

The bring it on star received a $ 9.5 million (approximately $ 13 million) settlement from CBS Boston Globe reported in 2018.

“I was told that the role would be a six-year commitment to play an intelligent, strong female lead, a confident, strong lawyer designed to balance the current male lead, and that the role was written specifically for me.” Dushku said in a video testimony this week.

“However, in my first week in my new job, I found myself a burden of brutal, sexualized, and shameful verbal abuse. I suffered from almost constant sexual harassment from my colleague. This was more than anything I had experienced in my 30-year career.”

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In the filming of Michael Weatherly and Eliza Dushku Bull.
In the filming of Michael Weatherly and Eliza Dushku Bull. (CBS)

He didn’t refer to Weatherly by name, but he added that the male actor “often called me“ feet. ”He smelled me and looked at me laughing up and down. “I’ll take me to his rape car and use lubricant and long phallic objects on me and take me over my knees and beat me like a little girl. The second time she told me her sperm were powerful swimmers.”

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Dushku claimed that after talking to the actor about easing his comments, he texted the director of CBS Studios and was fired the next day. He added that the arbitration clause in his contract silenced him.

In the filming of Michael Weatherly and Eliza Dushku Bull.
Eliza Dushku claims to have received “brutal, sexualized and lewd verbal abuse” in the filming. (Instagram)

“I’ve worked as an actor since I was a child and signed countless contracts negotiated on my behalf, but I never realized there were mandatory arbitration clauses that would be used to keep what happened to me and protect CBS and the perpetrator of sexual harassment who blatantly retaliated that I tried to stop at my workplace, “Dushku said.

Dushku spoke in front of a hearing in the House of Representatives’ Justice Committee entitled “Silenced: How Coercion Keeps Victims of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment in the Shadow.”

CBS did not respond immediately VarietyRequest for comments.

If you or an acquaintance is subjected to sexual, domestic or domestic violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit their website. In an emergency, call 000.

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