Adam Silver makes his best impression on Vince McMahon in NBA deal with UAE

Adam Silver keeps his fingers crossed for human rights abuses.

Adam Silver keeps his fingers crossed for human rights abuses.
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I’m not sure which is clearer: the media that will take the NBA on a mission for many years partnership with the United Arab Emirates, or the inevitable controversy arising therefrom. It won’t be long before we reveal large amounts of dirt in the history of the United Arab Emirates and the constant search for human rights violations against women – marital rape is still legal along with other horrible shit – so it’s fair to question whether the financial benefits of a few pre-season games are worth the PR headache.

Sorry if I look cynical or as if women’s rights were not taken into account in the NBA in this decision, but either the league was okay with the country’s human rights issues or that slide didn’t make it to PowerPoint.

However, this movement is very important to the NBA, which has expanded its international reach since David Stern was commissioner. Adam Silver has since taken that torch and seems to be planning to light himself on it.

Before trying to resolve Ben Simmons, then-Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey tried to resolve democracy in Hong Kong with a tweet. Silver had to step in, and he eventually gave the right opinion although it shocked the NBA’s Chinese partners. “

Over the past three decades, the NBA has developed a high affinity for the Chinese. We have seen how basketball can be an important form of people-to-people exchange that deepens relations between the United States and China.

At the same time, we recognize that our two countries have different political systems and beliefs. And like many global brands, we bring our business to places with different political systems around the world.

But for those who question our motivation, this is much more than growing our business.

The values ​​of equality, respect, and freedom of speech have defined the NBA for a long time – and will continue to do so. As a globally operating American basketball league, one of our biggest contributions is these game values.

This last point is especially awesome given China’s many human rights issues and disputes (such as a the tennis player disappeared when he charged an official with sexual assault). It’s un-American to act like companies don’t make concessions in the name of capitalism, so I understand I’m not severing ties with China because of outspoken GM or Boston games that aren’t being shown in the country because of Enes Kanter’s views on Tibet.

I don’t understand starting a new partnership with the same troubled country, especially when you tend to promote equality and the WNBA with ads like This. The NBA also announced the Jr. NBA Leagues, NBA Fit Clinics and an NBA 2K event as well as pre-season games. But I didn’t see the WNBA games announced in the UAE deal – probably because the WNBA players aren’t shy to say and show how they feel.

To be honest, NBA players have been brazen in their thoughts on civil rights at home, so maybe this attitude is shifting to international affairs now that we’ve made a halfway with the activist-athlete. If so, and LeBron James is as knowledgeable as he is it was argued that Morey was not in China during the landing, The NBA may have protests before the pre – season games and completely new relationships will be fixed (or ignored until fans forget).

This agreement is not quite right WWE-Saudi Arabia cash eating. (You can always contact the people in charge of titles like “The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is responsible for killing journalists, according to a U.S. report“You have to do it.) The fact that the NBA is in the same area as WWE should have raised a red flag or 70 league offices.

Silver survived eloquently and firmly in dealing with the situation in Hong Kong, but he is jeopardizing his reputation for gaining more reach and revenue in this UAE federation, which is so obviously full of potential complications.

Who knows, maybe I’m part of the awakened crowd that Aaron Rodgers talked about, but it feels like the NBA’s “commitment to growing basketball around the world” isn’t so much about teaching kids the values ​​they claim to instill in games, but more about the capital. added consumers would spray.


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