Adele debuted “To Be Loved” and we’re shocked

He posted a video of himself singing his song “To Be Loved” on Instagram, and not all emotions are even deep enough to explain the experience.

“To be loved and loved to the fullest / Means to lose all things without which I cannot live,” he cries out.

No one but anyone sings a heartbreaking ballad like Adele, so show that we’re broken.

The song is one of the singles on her new album “30” that Adele has said is about her divorce.
He has promoted it everywhere, including the CBS special series, which brought CBS huge ratings.

“30” will drop on Friday, which isn’t soon enough for the Daydreamers because his hardcore fan base is known. “Daydreamer” was the title of the song on his debut album “19”, which was released in 2008.


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