Amazon’s $ 1 billion bet on The Lord of the Rings includes Gandalf Spinoff

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Amazon is building a new world in the Lord of the Rings franchise. Here are other suggestions. New Line Cinema

Welcome to the latest version of Dream Screens where we try to present the sensation of the next small screen. Usually, we look for a lesser-known title with a fractional potential, combine it with the appropriate creative talent, and place the package in a digital home that can maximize its potential. But today we look to the splendor of the Middle Earth.

Why Amazon Prime Video: If you are going to change your franchise company to the same level Lord of the Rings you need deep pockets, and the technology giant has them. Amazon paid $ 250 million for the worldwide rights to the JRR Tolkien property alone in 2017, and was said to set aside $ 1 billion for production costs over five production seasons. (It also has the option to spinoff). This makes it the most expensive TV series in history – and it has been before THRa report released in May that Season 1 cost an incomprehensible $ 465 million. This is a historic level of investment, and Amazon is likely eager to develop its shiny new toy to download Prime Video.

“This is a unique opportunity to tell new stories in a magical world that is a global phenomenon,” Sharon Tal Yguado, Amazon’s then screenwriter, said at the announcement. “As we build our diverse programming portfolio, we’re making some big investments in tent head sets.”

Well, here’s a suggestion for just that.

Why Istari: Veteran actor Ian McKellen, who played Gandalf on the other side Lord of the Rings and Hobbit theater trilogues, has repeatedly expressed interest in returning to the role. McKellen is a familiar face that is able to bridge the gap between existing and potential new fans, so the story of Gandalf and the other Wizards could be a complete success.

The background story is simple in thought, but still full of mythological and thematic potential. If you don’t speak fluently to Tolkien, here’s the deal: when evil Sauron gathered his strength to return to Lord Voldermort-style (even if Voldy thought he stole the move from him?), Five Maiar spirits were sent to Middle-earth Undying Lands in human form to help free peoples fight him. One of them was, you guessed it, Gandalf gray.

The unique dynamics that come from the beings of immense power that suddenly spread into the world of mortals would be fun for me. The TV version of this story could also hone the relationship between Gandalf and Istari leader Saruman (RIP Christopher Lee), who eventually turned against the wizards and joined Sauron. The fall of a good man seduced by power – and its impact on those who are left to pick up the pieces – adds depth to the tragedy. It’s the kind of arrogant fantasy that mainstream television has gotten rid of in trying to customize the genre’s YA puffs (watching you, Netflix).

Why Jane Goldman Should Lead Production: The veteran writer and producer sits atop the gold mine of genre experience: Stardust, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First class and X-Men: Days of Future Past, Kingsman: Secret service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He knows how to combine authentic character drama with fantastic, on the other hand, worldly elements, and he knows how to make a populist package really pop. In addition, he has a wider demographic coverage than some content producers because he works Miss Peregrine’s home for strange children and Disney’s upcoming live-action arrangement The little Mermaid show. Here is the potential for four quarters.

It’s a shame that HBO decided not to continue with Goldman and George RR Martin Throne game starring Naomi Watts. On paper, that spinoff takes place thousands of years before the events Throne game and its purpose was to study the true origin of the legend of Westeros as the world descended from the golden age of heroes to its darkest time—sounded like an ideal remix. It mixed the charm of a familiar franchise brand with a new exciting story that promised fresh defining features. In other words, exactly what Goldman should do here Lord of the Rings.

Dream Screens are hypothetical arguments for Hollywood’s still-to-be aspirations.

Amazon's $ 1 billion bet

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