ARMY amazed at J-Hope’s increased alcohol tolerance; This is how the MAMA hit factor responded

BTS In The Soop 2 ended recently. ARMYs are sad that there is no Run BTS either. So far, they have taken a break from the variety show. There were some great moments in The Soop 2 for BTS fans. We saw many valuable interactions from Jeon Bam’s wonderful moments with his uncle all the way to the boys eating each other. J-Hope and Jimin made news while visiting abandoned houses in the woods after drinking. It was fun when Jim managed to scare him and Hobi cursed Korean for his little brother. It is now known that Jimin’s alcohol tolerance is pretty good. We’ve seen it in some post-BTS videos. Read also – BTS members show up again in style at the airport when they head to the US PTD at the stage concert, ARMY trends “Have A Safe Flight” – see Tweets

J-Hope always said that V and he were the members who couldn’t stand alcohol at all. V prefers to cook when his bandmates drink spirits. J-Hope’s face flushed once after drinking only one can of beer. So it came as a surprise when fans found out that Jimin finished a whole bottle of whiskey overnight. The Irish single malt whiskey was apparently so good that they decided to drink liquor all night. Even SUGA, whose alcohol tolerance is considered the band’s “best”, was surprised. Read also – JUDGMENT! BTS ARMY selects its favorite duo from SOPE, Namji, VM, Taekook and others – see survey results

Yesterday, Hobi talked to ARMY in Weverse. He spoke of fearing packing in Los Angeles, asking fans to give him movie recommendations and checking the weather in Los Angeles. In the meantime, the fan commented that it was amazing to see that J-Hope’s alcohol tolerance had risen so much. ARMY said it was hard to accept that our “hobby” could drink so much. This is how BTS’s rapper, head dancer and dance guru reacted … Read also – Trendy Hollywood News Today: BTS World Official Twitter Account Frozen, Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Release Date and More

We can see that he felt a little embarrassed. One fan tweeted, “Why did they have to expose him that way,” while another commented, “They’re exposing him.” Another fan wrote that J-Silver would no longer be considered an alcoholic in Korean society.

Drinking is very much a part of Korean society, as we have seen in so many K-dramas. BTS is now on its way to Los Angeles for AMA events and concerts. Fans have wished them a safe flight!

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