At the time, Ringo Starr starred in Frank Zappa at 200 motels

Ringo portrays Larry the Dwarf, who is actually an ominous trout mask replica of the famous band leader. “It was really weird,” Ringo explains in the song Frank Zappa 200 Motels 50th Anniversary Edition. “Apple’s office called that Frank Zappa had this idea, and he wanted to introduce it to me. I thought it was great because I had heard Frank’s music. In a very musical way, it was actually very funny. So I invited Frank to my house. He performed this huge score. and said, “I have an idea to make this movie, and here’s the score.” I said, ‘Why are you showing me the score? I can’t read the music. But that’s why I’m going to make the movie.’

It wasn’t any part. “He told me he wanted me to play him because he just wanted to be a musician in it,” Ringo recalls. Frank Zappa 200 Motels 50th Anniversary Edition. The former Beatle was not just any acting musician. “You couldn’t get a bigger pop star than I did then,” Ringo humbly admits on the CD. “It was weird, too, Ringo-game-Frank. It was a nice starting point and I got to spend time with the musicians, which is always a good thing.

The veteran drummer was known for spending time with other kit players. He would play Concert for Bangladesh alongside Jim Keltner, which was done based on footage so Ringo could joke with someone between and during the songs. for 200 motels, Ringo brought with him one of his best friends, Keith Moon, the pyrotechnically beat beat keeper of The Whon. Moonie plays Hot Nun. “[Zappa] wants my naive girl on the harp, “says Ringo Larryna in the film after seeing a basher dressed in the usual way through an orchestral pit.” Magic lamp, she wants me to fill it for her and massage it. “

Well-known rock band and author Pamela Des Barres, who also sang in the girl band The GTOs (Girls Together Outrageously), is making her acting debut 200 motels. He went on to play a recurring role in the soap opera Find Tomorrow, and actor Sylvester Stallonen in the 1978 film The alley of paradise. But Des Barres ’biggest contribution to the film is inspiring Cameron Crowe to add the music museum to Penny Lane’s rocking film memoir. Almost famous.

To give the film cinematic credibility, Zappa also starred in well-known Actors. Our Master of the Ceremony, Rance Muhammitz, was played by the Austrian-American actress Theodore Bikel, who was also a folk singer and political activist. Bikel starred in Captain Von Trapp in the original Broadway production the sounds of music. She was nominated for Best Male Oscar for her role as Sheriff Max Muller Proud (1958) and appeared in films such as Queen of Africa (1951), red mill (1952), The enemy below (1957), My Fair Lady (1964) and The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming (1966). He also starred as a guest in a series of Rod Serling Twilight Zone.

200 motels There will also be players from the serious world of music, including classical guitarist John Williams, Monteverdi Choir and the Royal Philharmonic, seen throughout the film at a prison camp called “The Centerville Recreational Facility,” where percussionists are dressed as Nazi guards. . According to the press package, the film was “at the same time a report on real events and an extrapolation from them”. “It simply came to our notice then [the Mothers] is used to work somewhere on the far edge of your real-life rock & roll consciousness, the film is a sequel and projection of the group’s specialized vision and involvement in this fascinating area of ​​contemporary human experience. Groups, Life on the Road, Relationship to Audience, Group Personality Chemistry, Macrobiotic Food, and Tie Shirts.

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