Delphi murders: Police investigate fake Anthony Shots’ social media profile in the murder of Abigail Williams, Liberty German

DELPHI, India – Authorities investigating the murders of Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14, in Delphi, Indiana, are seeking help to find the creator of a fake social media profile called Anthony_shots, according to the state of Indiana. Police (ISP) Bulletin. In February 2017, Abby and Libby set out to hike Delphi’s historic trails … Read more

6-year-old Sahara a little safe after she, a stolen car, was found at Philadelphia police station – CBS Philly

Philadelphia (CBS) – Philadelphia police said they found 6-year-old Sahara Little, a child in a car, who was stolen from outside the Germantown pizza shop. Police found him and the car at one police station. The child and vehicle were found in the 35th Police District – Philadelphia Police (@PhillyPolice) December 8, 2021 READ … Read more

Olaf Scholz was elected Federal Chancellor of Germany – POLITICO

BERLIN – The German parliament on Wednesday elected the Social Democrats Olaf Scholz as the country’s ninth post-war federal chancellor. Scholz takes the lead in the Alliance of Social Democrats, Greens and Free Democrats and predicted a new political era after 16 years of Conservative-led Angela Merkel. A total of 395 MPs in the Bundestag … Read more

Germany’s Olaf Scholz will move from Merkel to Chancellor, the BBC says

Germany’s Olaf Scholz joins Merkel as Federal ChancellorBBC News Olaf Scholz was appointed the new Federal Chancellor of Germany to replace Angela Merkel after 16 yearsCNN The new German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, will replace Angela Merkel as leaderAl Jazeera English The Germans see the smurf in Olaf Scholz. Putin might as well.Bloomberg Are Germany’s new … Read more

Man arrested for murder of Jamal Khashogg on false identity, says Saudi diplomatic source | World news

A Saudi diplomatic source told Sky News that the man arrested in Paris, suspected of involvement in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashogg, is believed to be the name of the wanted suspect. France has 48 hours to verify identity man arrestedThe Embassy of Saudi Arabia called it a case of false identity. Named French … Read more