Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon receive a simple version, official Discord polls suggest

Battlegrounds Mobile India may soon get the “Lite” version. On the official Discord channel, the authors teased that they were working on the Lite version of BGMI. Since its inception in India, BGMI has attracted a lot of players. However, other players are still waiting for the lite version of the game to be released so they can play it on their poorly configured devices.

BGMI Lite Discord Tip

Given BGMI’s popularity in India and the fact that entry-level budgeting devices remain one of the most popular sectors in the country, it is not surprising if Krafton releases the Lite version. Unfortunately, no official announcement or information has been made as to when this variety will be available. According to the survey, Indian players may be interested in BGMI Lite for several reasons:

  • I can’t play BGMI on my cheaper device.
  • I can play BGMI, but my device has better frame rate and performance in the Lite version.
  • I spent money on the Lite version and want to transfer my data / stock
  • I like Maps and Skins in the Lite version.


The survey was published on the official Discord channel for the mobile game. It is possible that the authors are working on a new version of Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite. For those who don’t know, PUBG Mobile Lite was launched worldwide before PUBG Mobile was banned in India. This version of the game was created exclusively for cheap smartphones that do not meet the minimum hardware requirements of PUBG Mobile. The Lite version could work on devices with less than 2GB of RAM and less graphics.

Krafton may be working on a Lite version of the application. According to popular eSports player Abhijeet “Ghatak” (via SportsKeeda), the Battlegrounds Mobile Indian Lite version may debut in late December or earlier.


Just as the PUBG lite version was developed for small phones, the BGMI Lite version is being developed for budget-friendly smartphones with at least 1GB of RAM, 600MB of free storage and Android 4.0.3 or later. It is unclear whether BGMI Lite will be released for iOS devices.

The PUBG Mobile Lite version had smaller maps with 60 players. With the exception of the Discord channel survey, Krafton does not currently have an official statement on BGMI Lite.

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