Bills ’Ed Oliver does extremely good for a cancer patient

Buffalo Bills defender Takla Ed Oliver warmed the hearts of loyal Bills fans as he visited Bills fans and his cancer-stricken father.

The NFL is doing its best to recognize greatness off the field, with all 32 teams nominating single-player Walter Payton as the Male of the Year candidate.

But one award given to one of 32 deserving men doesn’t describe the good deeds NFL players are constantly doing for those around them. As millionaires and heroes of their local communities, NFL players strive to support fans whenever they can in many different ways.

For Peter Lussier, it meant he was there for his father, where Lussier said he had “very little time left because of cancer.” One Buffalo Bills player stepped forward and was present with the Lussier family and cheered them up on a special home visit with Pete’s father, Ed Oliver.

Ed Oliver visits his dedicated Bills fan to cheer up a family facing cancer

It’s not the only way Oliver gives back to local communities during the holidays.

As Thanksgiving approaches, Oliver offers a Thanksgiving Turkish Gift at his birthplace in Marksville, Louisiana.

Oliver will not be able to attend the Nov. 20 event as he prepares to host the Indianapolis Coltsia Orchard Park, but he will continue to work hard to make sure the people in his local Louisiana community feel the holiday spirit this season.

Last year, Oliver hosted a Christmas toy gift in Marksville and donated $ 3,000 to the Marksville Fire Station and $ 5,000 to the Avoyelles Ward Sheriff’s Office in addition to generous Christmas gifts.

Walter Payton’s Man of the Year nominations are a long way off, but in Buffalo and Markville, Oliver impresses his community by being there for his fans wherever they live.

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