Bryson DeChambeau went all the way to “Happy Gilmore” at the top golf course

Golf pro Bryson DeChambeau remains committed to hitting the longest runs of his career, and his Instagram can definitely prove it: in a video recently shared from the Top Golf venue, the eight-time PGA Tour winner demonstrated the ball’s speeds he can. beat with the “Bomb and gage” technique he has been using since he weighed 20 pounds of muscle in 2020.

Noting that Top Golf “needs higher nets” in the title of the short clip, DeChambeau clears the net at the target ball speed of 200, which gets seriously impressed comments from its followers.

“I want to try to get stronger because I know it’s beneficial,” DeChambeau said. Men’s health last year after his muscle change. “If I could be like Happy Gilmore or Kyle Berkshire, I’d hit over 400 yards and hit straight? It’s a huge, massive advantage. So I decided to do it, and I’ve been healthier and stronger ever since.”

DeChambeau worked closely with Greg Roskopf in the Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) practice, where the focus is on mobility, and the results in terms of both strength and speed are evident in his game.

“I’m going to keep training every day and get stronger all the time and keep up with speed training for as long as I can handle it,” he said. “As long as everything grows in proportion, I really don’t know how fast I can go. So I’m going to keep pushing the boundaries.”

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