The comet Leonard will appear this December before it disappears forever

There’s a new comet in town, and December is your only chance to see it before it disappears forever. Astronomers say the comet Leonard will be our best and brightest comet in 2021. Astronomer Greg Leonard first discovered the comet in January. According to Sky & Telescope, the celestial body has probably spent the last … Read more

Sony Introduces Prototype 8K VR Headphones •

However, don’t expect this on PSVR. Sony has unveiled a prototype for the 8K VR headset. The prototype promises better visual accuracy, lower latency and OLED microdisplays. However, don’t get too excited about PSVR: these headphones are probably meant for purposes other than gaming. The prototype was developed by Sony R&D (not the PlayStation) and … Read more

Pokemon Unite announces a holiday event with a new Pokemon

Pokemon Connect The last Pokemon of the year will be added to a brand new celebration event. The Holiday Festival runs from 15 December to 16 January. and includes a variety of Christmas-themed events and bonuses. Dragonite in particular will be added to the game as a playable Pokemon as part of the event, and … Read more

Hydra’s strange ability to regrow its own head is based on this incredible mechanism

For such simple-looking and easily overlooked creatures, hydros certainly have incredible powers – including the absurd ability to re-raise your own head if your head is beheaded. These invertebrate freshwater animals are also one of our closest examples of an immortal being. Unless Hydra’s stem cells are thoroughly destroyed in the digestive system of the … Read more

How NASA’s new telescope could see back to the first galaxies

The James Webb Space Telescope, a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency, is due to launch later this month. Scientists say its technology makes it 100 times more efficient than Hubble and could allow it to see back to the first galaxies in the universe. Illustration: Adele Morgan / … Read more

Science Adviser Amy Mainzer Talks About Asteroids and the New Netflix Movie “Don’t Look Up”

Asteroid scientist Amy Mainzer found herself in a unique position over the past few months: she talked to Leonardo DiCaprio about science and asteroids. Mainzer served as a scientific advisor on Netflix’s new film, “Don’t Look Up,” a comedy-disaster film set to be released in theaters on Dec. 10 (and Dec. 24 on Netflix). This … Read more