At the Seoul meeting, Guterres is calling for more support for peacekeeping in the face of growing threats – Global Issues

Guterres appealed to the opening ceremony of the 2021 UN Ministerial Conference on Peacekeeping in Seoul, hosted by the Republic of Korea. It is official, 2021 Seoul UN #PMister is unfinished! UN peacekeeping is truly a global partnership. For the next two days, Member States will promise resources # A4P+ so that peacekeepers can continue … Read more

Spanish police bravely freeze a tank to rescue a dog Indian news

MADRID: Two Spanish police are wading into a frozen pool to rescue a stuck dog on a cold front arriving in the north of the country, police said Wednesday. In a video released by police, police undressed to the waist and marched into icy water to bring the animal back to safety on shore. The … Read more

Pfizer Covid vaccine against Omicron variant could be ready “by March” – World News

We bring you the latest updates, photos and videos of this news. Hopeful vaccine news in the afternoon Vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and BioNTech expect to receive the vaccine from Omicron by March. BioNTech and Pfizer said Wednesday that a three-sample treatment period for their COVID-19 vaccine was shown in a laboratory test to neutralize a … Read more

Heippa Angela: the most striking images of Merkel’s 16-year rule

Angela Merkel’s power in Germany may be over, but she definitely made her mark on world politics. Olaf Scholz as Germany’s new Federal Chancellor will start work on Wednesday, the world remembers Merkel ‘s historical contribution. During her 16-year term as Federal Chancellor, Merkel stood out as a necessary leader in crisis management, managing to … Read more

The judiciary is demanding the release of a US journalist in Lebanon

BEIRUT (AP) – Lebanese authorities should immediately release a freelance U.S. journalist who was arrested in Beirut last month and is still being held after the prosecutor ordered his release, two international human rights groups said on Wednesday. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said members of the Lebanese Public Security Department arrested Nada Homs … Read more

China takes a “serious” dominant position in Australian territory

According to Liberal Senator Jim Molan, China takes the dominance of the Western Pacific “seriously.” “And we happen to live there,” Mr. Molan told Sky News presenter Rowan Dean. Molan said China is serious about “two things” – “the retention and readmission of Taiwan and the ruling power in the western Pacific.” “This is a … Read more

Britain could implement COVID-19 “Plan B” as early as Thursday, reports

LONDON, December 8 (Reuters) – Britain could introduce tougher COVID-19 measures, including advice to work from home, as early as Thursday to try to slow the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, according to media reports. Sterling fell and investors cut their stakes in the Bank of England’s rate hike next week, with … Read more

Indian activist Sudha Bharadwaj receives bail in case of caste – related violence Human rights news

New Delhi, India – Indian court has granted bail to Sudha Bharadwaj, a prominent human rights activist and lawyer, more than three years after he was accused of conspiracy with more than a dozen others to incite caste violence in a village in the western state of Maharashtra. . A week after the Bombay Supreme … Read more