CDC warns Americans to avoid much of Europe because new countries have risen to “very high” Covid levels

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention increased the reliance of Hungary, Iceland, the Czech Republic, and the British Crown Guernsey on the highest level of passenger health reporting due to the increase in Covid-19.

The new additions mean that American tourists will be warned not to travel to large areas of Europe.

At the same time, the State Department issued a “do not travel” warning on three new additions, and only Guernsey avoided the added travel instructions.

The Level 4 Tourism Health Report refers to a country that reports more than 500 new Covid-19 infections per 28,000 people per 28 days.

Iceland was added to the list days after the country mocked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for his new “Metervers”.

Last week, a seven-day average of 167 new cases of Covid were reported in the country. An average of 7,264 new cases were detected in Hungary and an average of 10,988 new cases in the Czech Republic over seven days.

They relate to countries on the other side of the Atlantic that are already on the CDC’s list of countries with “very high” Covid levels, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Jersey, Greece and Ireland.

“If you have to travel … make sure you’re fully vaccinated,” the CDC says of the places

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