Colorado COVID-19 hospitalizations decreased over the weekend

For the first time in weeks, Colorado’s COVID-19 figures look a little better – though it’s too early to tell if the state has really turned a corner.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, the number of people admitted to hospital across the state due to the virus fell over the weekend. There were 1,476 people in COVID-19 confirmed for treatment on Friday, but 1,431 on Monday.

However, there is still not much loose in the Colorado health care system, with only 94 beds available across the state in intensive care units.

For the last time, hospitalizations decreased for three consecutive days from 7 to 9 October. However, they recovered quickly and rose for the next month. It’s too early to know if the same thing is happening now, said Dr. Jon Samet, dean of the Colorado School of Public Health.

“If you’re a 100% optimist, it’s a glimmer of hope,” he said. “We’ve seen this bounce before.”

The number of new cases appeared to fall from 20,940 in the first week of November to 19,161 in the week ending Sunday. However, the figures released by the state on Monday have been incomplete in recent weeks. In some cases, the decline became less steep or has even turned upward since the arrival of late notifications.

The percentage of positive tests remained close to 9.9%. All over 5% are concerned that the state may intervene in the cases.

According to data monitoring by The New York Times, Colorado had dropped to the seventh highest number of cases in the population since Monday. At the end of last week, the state was the second highest in the country, but Colorado’s cases seemed to level off in recent days, while other states rose past.

If this weekend was the start of a significant improvement, it is possible that the constant drumming of disturbing news encouraged Colorado people to wear their masks or avoid the crowds, Samet said. However, it is not entirely clear why the number of cases and hospitalizations increased now, so figuring out why they turned – or not – is a difficult task.

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