Courteney Cox’s new Starz Sitcom “Shining Vale” gets its premiere!

Courteney Coxnew presentation Shining Vale, is the next afternoon!

Starz announced this week that the upcoming comedy will premiere in 2022.

Shining Vale focuses on a poor family moving into a small town house where horrific atrocities have taken place. But no one seems to notice except Pat (Cox) who are convinced that they are depressed or possessed – the symptoms are exactly the same. “

The official sign-in line reads that Pat and Terry Phelps, a married couple, move to Shining Valeen in Connecticut to try to save their relationship after Pat’s relationship. But after moving to an old Victorian mansion for a fresh start – at the site of several murders – Pat and Terry learn later – Pat starts to see things move and hear the bumps in the night.

Convinced that she is either depressed or depressed – it turns out the symptoms are exactly the same – she is also the only one who sees the spirit of the person who committed the murders: Rosemary, a 50s housewife who tries or may not try to take Pat. body. Everyone has their demons, but for Pat Phelps, they can be real.

Shining Vale will also be a star Greg Kinnear, Gus Birney, Dylan Gage, Merrin Dungey and Mira Sorvino.

The series was released earlier this year.

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