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The British DJ, who spent weeks in a coma after getting a coronavirus infection in Ibiza, has said he “died for five minutes” in his ordeal – and says he has received death threats while speaking against other members of the industry who continued to perform during the pandemic. .

The 51-year-old, known as The Secret DJ, hasn’t played live since November 2019 and had been warned COVID-19 and the “plague raves” long before he himself acquired the Delta variant in early July this year.

However, he argues that some operators in the sector traveled abroad during the pandemic to perform in countries with fewer restrictions than their own. “You’ve killed people, and you don’t even want to know about it,” he says of everyone who has killed.

Warning: This article contains pictures of injuries

After falling ill himself and flying in a helicopter to Mallorca for treatment, the DJ – who does not reveal his identity because he had written books anonymously about the industry – told Sky News he was left “like a body”, his body ravaged by the virus. , and that he later learned that his heart had stopped while in a coma.

Doctors said the vaccination had probably saved his life. The virus caused him lung damage, while weeks spent in hospital caused him severe muscle atrophy, but in September he was home again in Ibiza and used physiotherapy.

However, the story does not end there. During cycling in early November, as he began training to regain his strength, he lowered his legs as he stopped – and after his hospitalization, the weakened leg “broke.”

After the surgery, the DJ has been told it may take months before he can walk again. She is unable to work but has set up a GoFundMe account to help with her medical bills. Despite the discomfort, he describes his leg injury as a “birthday present” compared to “six weeks of hell for life” from getting COVID-19 infection and wants to warn others that his life is still in danger.

“You learn a great deal about the difference between discomfort and pain [when you are seriously ill with COVID], ”he tells Sky News.“ Constant and intense discomfort is the kind of thing that tortures people.

“The pain culminates, it disappears, but [this was] constant, intense discomfort, like every time you breathe – what is it, 20,000 times a day? It’s like drowning 20,000 times a day. “

“You were dead”: Waking up in a hospital on another island

Secret DJ was in a coma for several weeks after getting a COVID-19 infection in Ibiza
Pictured is a DJ at a hospital in Mallorca. He had written “sin cerebro” – “without a brain” in Spanish – as a joke on a nightclub

When he fell ill – he thinks he got the virus while watching the English match in the Italian European Championship final – he recognized the symptoms; The DJ believes he previously had COVID in early 2020, but he couldn’t test it then. This time, after his first vaccination, he decided to stay home and isolate himself.

By 10 a.m., he says he fainted and injured his head when he crashed into his kitchen. Fortunately, he had time to call the emergency center.

The DJ woke up in a hospital in Mallorca not realizing he had been there for several weeks. Although he speaks little Spanish, he says the language barrier meant he was initially unaware of what he had gone through.

“When I was healthy enough one day, I got up [out of bed] to adjust the blinds, “he says.” The doctor came in and said, ‘What are you doing, man? You had double pneumonia. I had my hand in your chest two weeks ago. You were dead. “

She says her heart had stopped for five minutes.

By the time he was healthy enough to get home and fly home, his appearance had changed dramatically. “I was [like] corpse. I was about half my size, I was practically translucent. “

He noticed that he was being transported in a wheelchair through Ibiza Airport, surrounded by “my people, the children I danced” as they arrived on holiday.

After-effects of hospital weeks

Secret DJ sustained serious injuries after fracturing his leg - because his bones became brittle after weeks of coma due to COVID-19
DJ suffered serious injuries after breaking his leg – because his bones remained weak after weeks of sleeping in hospital

Determined to return to normal, recovery at home went well – until the bike accident. His leg was cut at three points, his leg drooping.

Now he is starting to recover from the beginning. “[The doctor] says I will walk again one day, “he says.” He said it could take six months, it might take a year, but he says you can come back from it. And I know I can come back from it because I’m back from worse than this. ”

He says it is one of many complications of getting seriously ill with COVID-19 when you have to spend so long in a hospital bed without moving.

So he wants his story to be a warning story.

“It’s really simple, you know, just imagine it could be the one who dies. Just imagine you might be the one in the iron lungs. Just imagine your mother could die.

“When I was in intensive care in Mallorca, there were children, perfectly healthy children, children. There were people in their 80s. It didn’t discriminate.

“The doctor said to me, ‘You would have died if you hadn’t been vaccinated.’ I had it. “

“COVID is not going anywhere”: A warning to others

Secret DJ
The DJ says he lived in some big clubs in Ibiza under his own name before creating The Secret DJ.

The Secret DJ has not performed since 2019 and has not had a paid DJ job for two years. He describes himself as a “mid-level DJ” who played internationally and had lived in some of Ibiza’s biggest clubs.

Before taking over The Secret DJ, he performed under his own name, but had begun to appear in the shadows – behind the screen – just before the COVID-19 attack.

During the pandemic, he used social media and wrote in industry publications urging others not to travel to countries where there are fewer restrictions on performance when there were restrictions in the UK or Spain and elsewhere.

Now that many locks have been unlocked, he believes people still need to consider mass events carefully.

“I spent all my COVID time telling people not to be a DJ,” he says. “We call them plague raves – don’t plague rave, don’t spread COVID. Because some DJs were single superspreader events, they flew literally all over the world throughout COVID, wherever they could play.

“My DJ, my people who have traveled the world – you have killed people.”

He says he has received death threats from speaking.

“When you bully some very famous fans, it basically goes very bad. You could get hundreds of death threats a day if you bully the right person.

“It’s not my job to tell anyone what to do, but you need to be aware that it has consequences. COVID still exists. If you go out, someone could get sick. Are you okay?

“It’s your decision – but it won’t lead to anything, and it will kill people.”

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