Dakota Johnson’s famous father Don Johnson jokes that he had “talked” to his boyfriend Chris Martin before they got married

Dakota JohnsonThe famous father Don Johnson has weighed on his relationship Chris Martin, jokes, he will soon talk to Coldplay ‘s lead character.

The Nash Bridges the star shared her thoughts on the couple’s relationship in an interview with Rosanna Scott Fox 5 New York, where he asked her directly if a wedding for her daughter and a British musician was planned.

“Oh my God. I don’t think much further than the next 7-8 seconds,” the 71-year-old actor laughed. “But listen, if he’s happy, I’m happy. He’s a wonderful guy.”

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Dakota Johnson and Father Don Johnson will attend the How To Be Single New York premiere in 2016.
Dakota Johnson and Father Don Johnson will attend the How To Be Single New York premiere in 2016. (Getty)

Dakota, 31, and Chris, 44, have been dating since 2017, but have mostly kept their relationship out of the spotlight. Now, four years later, Don believes marriage and children can be on the couple’s cards.

“If she decides to get married, I’d imagine there would be grandchildren shortly after. I’d be pretty excited about that part,” Miami Vice the veteran said.

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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin
Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin have been dating since 2017. (Getty)

However, when Don was asked if he had already had a mandatory paternal “conversation” with the rocker, Don replied that he was restraining his time.

“Well, no, we kind of wait until they get a little more confidence in their position … a little further away with each other … and then we talk,” he said playfully in a dramatic tone.

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Don shares Dakota with his ex-wife Melanie Griffith, 64. The couple were married for one year in the 70s before remarrying in 1989. They eventually separated in 1996 but have remained close ever since.

“It’s pretty simple: when you love your children and want to share your life with them, it’s silly to belittle or be hostile to their mother,” she said. AND in 2019.

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