Drake & Kanye West Bury Feud with social media posts

Factor: Brent Furdyk.

3 hours ago

The long-running dispute between Kanye West and Drake is officially over.

This is from the Instagram releases released by rappers on Tuesday.

In his post, Drake shares a video of comedian Dave Chappelle at his Toronto home, who marvels at the size and scope of the stylish pillow. In addition, Chappelle refers to all the talents that Drake has put together in his residence, including West.

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It is followed by another video in which Drake hides around West’s neck as they search for the camera.

Meanwhile, West’s post features a photo of him and Drake along with music producer and director J. Prince.

To squeeze the beef, West added a smiley to the dove with an olive branch in its beak.

Prince, in fact, has been responsible for the rallying of the raps, and both are due to perform at a future utility concert he will be hosting for Larry Hoover, the founder of the Chicago street gang Gangster Disciples, who is currently suffering from six consecutive lifetimes.

Prince shared the same picture on Twitter and wrote, “What a beautiful night I had last night in Canada.”


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