“Evil Wizard” Madison LeCroy interrupts Austen Kroll’s good time

Each always has at least one lesson deep, deep Winter house episode, and at the latest it would be: don’t unlock your ex.

Things are going well for Austen Kroll and Ciara Miller – so well that she even protects the camera in her bedroom so they can spend privacy in the evenings. Ooh La La!

However, he was unable to protect his heart the next day when his ex – somehow, miles away from him – still manages to ruin his day. Now all due respect to Madison LeCroy, who seemed to have probably a worse and scarier day than he did. But it is safe to say that all parties – not just the parties involved, those who are supporting their friends, and those of us who look at home – are all pleased that he has moved on and found love, and hopefully he is too.

Austen is seen getting so stressed out of texting that he can just wander around Vermont’s house and can’t even get himself to join others in the hot tub. In the end, he confesses to the best Craig Conover, “Someone contacted me and said,‘ Madison just went to the hospital. ’And so I opened his barrage and got a bunch of messages, and he said,‘ I just went to the hospital. But I just wanted to talk to you. like, “Ok, what happened?”

According to Austen, he told him, “I had a scene when I cooked for Hudson and fainted on the floor and Hudson called a fucking ambulance,” referring to his young son. Austen admits he’s very attached to all of this “because I drink” and doesn’t want to mess up what he has. “Life is so damn lovely, Craig. I have this damn great girl who likes everything.” Craig, in turn, says to him, “Look, you start to doubt your opinions about things. How many times has he forgiven you? It won’t change. You’re not crazy, he’s just a bad person. “

In his interview, Craig explains, “The greatest joy of Madison’s life is to take Austen through hell. Austen finally got over Madison, he finally got ahead, and somehow this evil wizard, he’ll never let him go.”

Andrea Denver also joins friends and offers advice on “You have to block” and “Don’t answer.”

“But he can’t help but answer that, that’s what we say,” Craig explains to anyone who hasn’t seen this happen in years. Southern charm.

But the real kicker is when Austen reveals, “He’ll send me a text message and he’ll say, ‘Tell me you’re not progressing.’ As Craig investigates this crisis emotionally, he even urges Ciara to leave when this knocks on the door. They have Bro Business to figure it out! Paige is naturally, rightly skeptical of the conference in Austen’s bedroom.

“Do you want to continue to be a pawn in someone’s fucking life or not?” Craig asks his friend caringly but firmly.

“This girl who’s so fucking beautiful and for some reason thinks I’m so gorgeous, and everything could stop in an instant if she asks, ‘Oh, are you still stuck with your ex?'” Austen tells the guys. “I just don’t want to scare her.”

Craig also advises that “I’m always an honest person, [but] however, you can’t be honest with him about this. ”Austen agrees and even goes so far as to refuse to ask at the dinner table questions about his relationship with Ciara the day after Vermont, which only makes everyone more skeptical.

Eventually, he pulls Ciara into a conversation in her room to tell her, “Fortunately, you and I have never talked about ex before. But I have something I just survived four or five months ago, but that shit haunts me, I say. I feel completely confused about it and I just want to be honest with you. “

He asks very legitimate questions, “Do you have any reason why you’re telling me now? Is there anything in it? Are you still connected?” But we have a dead end before he has time to respond. However, in next week’s episode, we’ll see Austen say, “I’m not in the right place to be exclusive right now,” which sounds very self-conscious, but he’s also described as maintaining a gold bracelet with the word “BABYGIRL,” which… well, demands more information , is everything.

Lindsay Hubbard reveals, “I don’t think she’s over her ex, I knew it, and I’ve kept my mouth fucking,” and we see Ciara in tears tell Austen, “I’ve been afraid to like you. Also, he is definitely No Also Amanda Batula’s current favorite. We will hear the answers, certainly the earrings, but also the relationship issues.

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