Filter Friday – 7 Instagram filters to make you feel cute and weird in an instant

Adding a filter to our image is like adding an extra layer of glam. The magic of filters isn’t just about adding clicks. It even helps us channel our moods or thoughts sometimes. We offer a wide range of excellent filters Instagramwho deserves praise. Honestly, it makes our lives easier ‘gram allowing us to click images, even though we may not like photography. So now is the time to welcome a new set of 7 cute and weird filters. Scroll down to check these.

Monday 1 – Euphoria author Ansh Sethi

Euphoria by @anshsethiiii

Who wouldn’t want a good filter amp to elevate Monday moods? Whether it’s work or lectures, it’s important for us to have an ultra-energetic version of ourselves on Mondays. With cute pink hearts and a reddish cheek, this filter gives nothing but a positive vibe.

2. Tuesday – Pure bliss author Niraj Rawal

Pure Bliss by @nirajraval_

This filter is an accurate indication of its name, “Pure bliss’. There’s no doubt that if we click on images with this filter, we probably won’t need a second round of editing. As you can see, it already has a considerable amount of brightness.

Wednesday 3 – Neutral author Naman Verma

Neutrals by @namanverma

When we don’t want to click on colorful and vibrant images, this filter can be our choice. As the name suggests, this filter helps make everything look neutral effortlessly. Not only that, it can even be perfect for our partner to click flat.

4. Thursday – Pink blush author Three

Pink Blush by @ _hiruuuu._

This sweet but weird filter jar by default makes us know 10x better when we don’t have a perfect day. The combination of some attractive elements in this filter is both wonderful and surprising. So it’s safe to say it makes you want press the save button twice without thinking.

5. Friday – Aphrodite author Sparshita Gangwar Patel

Aphrodite author @ sparshitagp308

In this picture, it looks like cherries are popping off their cheeks. If you use blush brilliant color on a cup of your tea, this filter is for you. So whenever you don’t have quick access to makeup products, this filter can no doubt be your partner.

Saturday 6 – OOTD with Paranosh author Paranosh Irani

OOTD with Paranosh, author @paranoshirani

Most of the time, Saturdays put us in a wardrobe emergency. At parties and meetings with friends, we would be confused wondering what outfit to wear on us. But since we now have this filter, we can say goodbye to the confusion. All you have to do is select this filter and start recording and voila! You’ll find your outfit in seconds.

7. Sunday – Lilac author @chaitaanyaaa

Purple author @chaitanyaaa

Sunday is a day of conflicting emotions. It’s the end of the weekend and the start of a new week. So on Sundays we need a filter to help us prepare for the coming week. Purple is a color that symbolizes serenity and innocence, as is this filter. It is guaranteed to make you feel refreshed.

Now that we all have a new series wonderful filters, the coming week will be very fun. Also, don’t forget to save these filters right away, as it would be hard to find them again when they disappear. In another sense, we hope so Hey everybody you stay safe in your home and book your vaccination times on time.

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