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Catwoman pace Hallen berry i would like the opportunity to get back into the DC series as a director. As you may recall, that first Catwoman the movie was not good. It certainly had potential, but it became a complete mess.

Recently in an interview with Jake’s Takes to talk about his upcoming film Bruise, he was asked about Catwoman, and he explained:

“I’d like to direct Catwoman. If I get it in my hands now, knowing what I know, to have this experience and imagine bringing the world back to the way I imagined this story. Bruise is written for a white Irish Catholic, about 25. old girl. I have to imagine it. I wish I could go back and imagine Catowman again and do it again. “

The actress shared her ideas for the film and said:

“I would like Catwoman to save the world, as most male superheroes do, and I wouldn’t just save women from cracking their faces. You know, I would raise the stakes much higher. I think it would become more of both men and women.”

Earlier, sharing his thoughts on the original film, he said:

“The story didn’t feel quite right. I remember saying, ‘Why can’t Catwoman save the world like Batman and Superman do?’ Why does he just save women from face cream that crackes their faces? “But I was just a hired actor. I wasn’t a director. I had very little say in it.”

Who knows if Berry will ever get a chance to direct a new Catwoman movie, but there’s a new version of the character on display Matt ReevesBatman. He’s being played Zoe Kravitz, and who knows if Warner Bros. is going to give him a spinoff. Everything we know, they can develop completely different Catwoman the film is not related to anything else under development.

Would you like Berry to be given the opportunity to direct a new one Catwoman movie?

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