Howard Stern waving a white flag at Freedom

Howard Stern might be watching too much CNN these days.

That’s one explanation for the radio giant’s obsession with COVID-19 and his alienation from the truth.

The 67-year-old SiriusXM star is no longer fooling around with his radio competition or FCC speech restrictions as before. Now he sounds like a guy on social media raging about a pandemic without having all the facts at his disposal.

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Even more shocking?

A man who once opposed the FCC on the basis of freedom of speech is no longer interested in freedom. He said just that this week. The lawless premiere of the radio wants citizens to do as they are told.

Stern now spends a lot of time rescuing anyone who suspects that COVID-19 vaccines are the only way to fight a pandemic. He mocked podcast giant Joe Rogan for taking unusual drugs while catching the virus, ignoring the fact that Rogan recovered quickly.

Recently, Stern used his green radio perch for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers because he got a COVID-19 and didn’t tell his vaccination status completely openly. The presenter of the chat program even mocked Rogers for a toe injury that could affect the rest of the superstar.

“Now I hear he has a toe injury. When he got a toe injury – Did he go to the doctor or Joe Rogan? Who fixed his toe?” Stern said. – I bet he went to the doctor, so he goes to the doctors for everything else, but he’s listening to Joe Rogan about the vaccine.

Now Stern is threatening to run for the White House to steer the country away from COVID-19. And it sounds like he would become the head dictator if he was elected.

“I was before freedom, but not anymore.” Stern said. “I am not in a good mood about what is happening in my country. I may have to run to clean up this fucking mess. “

“Oh, I could clean it in two seconds,” he vowed. “It simply came to our notice then [President Joseph] Biden got us out of Afghanistan. I’ll clean things up so soon. Boom. Immediately.”

Stern’s example may not be catnip for voters, given how devastating Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan proved on several fronts.

  • The Taliban is back and its horrific human rights situation
  • Loss of millions of US equipment
  • Hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans are still trapped in the country
  • A political black eye that won’t heal soon

Stern’s loyalty to vaccines is not based on reality. Although vaccines have helped many people avoid serious illness and death, they lose their effectiveness over time. Nations with strong vaccination rates, such as Israel, continue to suffer from the spread of the virus. In addition, fully vaccinated people can still pass the virus on to others.

The recovering shock joker either doesn’t understand those truths or is denying it.

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This is not the first time Stern has flirted with a political office. In 1994, he briefly became governor of his home state of New York, but resigned after realizing he would have to disclose his net worth in the process.

He is clearly not serious about the presidential election. His reputation is not burning as brightly as before, which means that all presidential elections would be vanity at best. Moreover, his colorful past will shatter all the possibilities he had with left-wing voters, and his attack on Trump would alienate millions from the right.

Howard is just Howard, an endless self-promoter who collects media clicks… again.

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