I quit my job after the boss demanded nonsensical workers to get up EVERY time he came into the room

The WOMAN quit his job after his boss demanded that the staff get up EVERY time he came into the room.

A U.S. Reddit user said it all started when he got a new job entering data for a small business.

The Reddit user left their job after the ordeal


The Reddit user left their job after the ordealCredit: Getty – Participant

He said: “I met the owner around the week. It has always been emphasized to me how important it is to take care of the owner.

The woman said her boss called her later and said she is expected to get up every time she comes into the room “as a show of respect and knowledge of her place.”

The employee then tells his co-worker and looks horrified by the news.

“He gets a scared look on his face and tells me he didn’t realize this was a new rule, so he would start standing, too,” he explained.

“I feel like his reaction to him has been the first red flag.”

The employee’s situation began to worsen in the third week of work when someone took their boss’s parking lot.

“I work in the lobby and see someone stop by his parking lot. I’m completely alone in the building and no one told me he was coming in today.

“I call my supervisor who says he shouldn’t come in, but when he says this and I’m on the phone with him, he walks in and walks past my desk.

“When I’m on the phone, I don’t tell him anything, my first mistake. I also can’t stand my second and biggest mistake.”

The woman smiled back at her boss, but this “wasn’t nearly enough” when her colleague “confused” before she was reprimanded by her supervisor.

Although he was not fired, he was told to take time to think about what he was doing.

“I got a call home telling me that what I was doing was so detrimental to the company that I didn’t have to come the next day to think about what I was doing,” he added.

“Of course unpaid. I was furious, but it doesn’t end there. On Friday morning, I came in after my unpaid day off and was called to my supervisor’s office.”

The employee was reprimanded again and said he had to “write” for the “incident”, and it was a surprise that he was not fired for it.

He explained, “The boss also had to come later that day to rebuke me because he doesn’t do this himself.

– I tell my supervisor that I’m grateful for the opportunity, but this is insane, and I’m leaving.

“I’ve never heard of this in my life before, and I’m still shocked by this terrible experience.”

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