In Anne Boleyn’s trailer, Jodie Turner-Smith is an iconic queen

We’ve seen the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII appear on screen many times, and the latest version of the story has almost arrived. AMC has released a new trailer Anne Boleyn, a three-episode mini-series in which Jodie Turner-Smith is the iconic queen.

Anne Boleyn will debut overseas earlier this summer, but is set to premiere at AMC + in the U.S. this winter. The series explores life “from the point of view of the queen of the same name, as she struggles to secure the future of her daughter and to challenge the powerful patriarchate that closes around her.In addition to Jodie Turner-Smith Anne Boleyn Also starring Mark Stanley (Throne game) as Henry VIII, Paapa Essiedu (London gang(n) George Boleyn, Anne’s brother and Lola Petticrewna (Bloodlands) As Jane Seymour, Anne’s competitor for Henry’s affections. I’m a little in love with these Tudor stories, no matter how many times I’ve seen them, so I’m definitely going to add this to the queue. What do you think about that? Anne Boleyn trailer?

Jodie Turner-Smith was once attached to the lead The Witcher: Blood Origin To Netflix under the name Éile, “an elite warrior blessed with the voice of a goddess.“Timing problems forced her to be left out of the pre-series and she was replaced by Sophia Brown. After Anne Boleyn, Jodie Turner-Smith is next seen starring alongside Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig in Noah Baumbach’s film. White noise, a drama that will debut on Netflix next year.

Anne Boleyn gets its premiere December 9, 2021 exclusively on AMC +.

Anne Boleyn, poster

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