IND vs NZ | Twitter reacts when Deepak Chahar stares at Martin Guptill from staring

Martin Guptill smashed Deepak Chahar over the corner of the six cows he had left unattended and followed him, staring at his bowler before he returned service at the door. Guptill’s 42-ball 70 helped New Zealand after 164/6 when he was put on the first T20I on Wednesday in Jaipur.

Martin Guptill was dominant at best in the second half of the New Zealand innings in the first T20I match against India in Jaipur and competed in his 17th T20-fifty game with just 31 balls. He had already crushed three of four and an equal number of sixes in the 17th turn before shooting Deepak Chahar deep over a long distance over six. Guptil didn’t even care to see the ball’s trajectory when he looked at the bowler instead.

The right-hander got the second ball right into the next ball, but he went wrong and gave Shreyas Iyer an easy catch from the deep center. Chahar retaliated and decided to look back as Guptill headed back to the dugout.

Earlier, Bhuvneshwar Kumar knocked out Daryl Mitchell’s first ball in the duck’s third ball when Rohit Sharma chose the bow. Guptill and Mark Chapman added 109 off 12.5 laps to the second door, and the latter recorded a second T20I fifty, his first in New Zealand.

That’s another meme face going on!

Immediate remorse for Guptill! XD XD XD

Stare swings from NZ to IND in seconds! : DDD

Paki-meme man just waits on social media to change many faces from the scene!🤣

This made the fans come back to watch the game again!

One of the best from Guptil!

Guptill be like – It shouldn’t have been the last ball of my turn! : P: P

Tits against Tatu!

Yup! It was the perfect definition of sweet revenge!

Waiting for the second installment to continue this “staring war”: D

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