IoT News | Global Telecom launches MERCURY series of IoT modules that deliver tri-connectivity via satellite, mobile networks and private networks

  • Global Telecoms MERCURY series are the first modules that enable connection to all three wireless networks, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 100% specially designed modules have patented, hostless, driverless technology with extra layers of blockchain security

Global Telecom * today announced the release of its MERCURY series of tri-connectivity modules – the first specially designed modules that enable connection to satellite, cellular and private networks (also known as Band 53), plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Global Telecom’s MERCURY series are 100% specially designed modules and use the company’s patented hostless, driverless technology – delivering fast and seamless integration with advanced security for devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). The module, which is the basic piece of hardware that enables devices and vehicles to communicate with networks, is unique in that it uses advanced mobile networks on all North American frequency bands, while communicating with satellite networks and private networks.

Tri-connectivity is essential for lightning-fast data upload and download to IoT networks that require low latency and near-instantaneous data flow. The MERCURY series is ideal for electric vehicles, enabling behind-the-scenes communication to help cars travel safely, while providing the capacity for over-the-air updates, telematics and entertainment products.

Other potential applications for the MERCURY series include video surveillance devices for first aiders and security teams that require high-quality real-time video and audio; implanted medical devices that analyze critical patient data and connect with physicians or ambulances as needed, and remote access that requires accurate synchronization to function properly.

Ahmad Malkawi, CEO of Global Telecom, said:

“The incredible leaps in automotive, healthcare, smart cities and first-time technology require game-changing hardware that ensures constant connectivity through all possible wireless networks. Our MERCURY series delivers tri-connectivity while being 100% specially designed to meet the specifications of high-end IoT projects, large and small. “

The first module in the series – MERCURY15 – is for sale now. Find the specification here.

* Global Telecom is an innovator in wireless technology at the intersection of hardware and network

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