JetBlue Joins Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Tool to Track Carbon Data

JetBlue has started using Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud to track its carbon emissions, providing data that JetBlue in turn can provide to its corporate customers.

The Net Zero Cloud product, which tracks and reports companies’ environmental data, will “quickly compile accurate and up-to-date emissions data in an easy-to-use format,” according to JetBlue director of sustainability and environmental social governance Sara Bogdan . JetBlue is the first airline to use the tool, according to the carrier.

The data will then be available to participants in JetBlue’s newly launched Sustainable Travel Partners program. The carrier had already announced that Salesforce was among the first customers to join the initiative, and it and the other first customers sourced 325,000 gallons of sustainable aviation fuel last year, according to JetBlue.

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