Just in time to celebrate a great wedding 1 Limburg

Mia and Sjeng Coemans from Schin op Geul have been married for 65 years. They celebrate their brilliant wedding on Monday at a nursing home in Venray. But it would have been close if they should have celebrated this anniversary separately.

Due to the ugly crash earlier this year, Mia ended up in a nursing home. According to daughter Agnes, her parents had no place in their beloved South Limburg.

Seeing a loved one every day
They lived apart for months. Sjeng in their self-built house in Schin op Geul and Mia’s nursing home. It didn’t stop Seng from visiting his beloved Mia at the nursing home every day. He did it for three months. “She came every day. But she was dead tired when she came here. She had to lie down for a moment,” Mia says.

Back together
Now they live happily together again, in Venray. “What would it be too crazy to put into words if they couldn’t be together all day during their brilliant marriage?” says daughter Agnes.

No space
He saw with grief that his parents were living apart and took action. She has been on the phone for several days to look for a place in a nursing home in the south of the province. Where they could both live and receive proper care. But no suitable place was found.

South Limburg
Agnes finds it unfortunate that her parents cannot stay in South Limburg. But he also knows that being together is more important than where they live. His father was formerly homesick when he had to leave the beloved Schin op Geul of South Limburg.

“Now he has no homesickness. He will miss South Limburg, but they are together again. It’s important. More important than that they live apart in South Limburg.”

How do you maintain it?
How do you stay married for 65 years? That is, of course, a key issue. Mia and Seng have their own explanation for this. According to Mia, love only gets stronger over the years.

“The older you are, the more you love each other and can’t live without each other. That’s how I experienced it and it still is.” Sjeng agrees, but he has one more addition. “And I have a drink every night!”


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