Kelly Stafford, wife of Rams ’Matthew Stafford, throws a pretzel for the fan

See you again, Kelly Stafford.

See you again, Kelly Stafford.
Picture: AP

Don’t make Kelly Stafford angry. If you do, you may find a salty, carbohydrate-rich treat. The person who took part in the Los Angeles Rams-San Francisco 49ers match at Levi Stadium on Monday night said TMZ that the wife of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford threw a soft salt ring at the fan. An eyewitness said his group was bullied, causing Stafford to throw a salt rake at the fan behind him. A controversy ensued, and security moved his group to another location in the stadium.

(To be serious for a few seconds, doesn’t this act violate the rules of fan conduct that the PA announcer reads before introducing the opening lineups and qualifies for deportation? I’ll get back to where I left off.)

What happened was seen by a fan called Stafford on social media. Here’s my favorite reprimand for the two-episode Instagram section from this deeply loyal Rams fan who was in Santa Clara, California on Monday night – not hit by a salt shaker, but still deeply hurt by this cast instead of an illness. -placed throws from another Stafford.

“I’m a Rams fan and confused about your actions, and that’s why I share with others [sic]. We hope you will be more aware of what you are doing in the future and set a better example for your children. ”

Now this is how you rebuke a millionaire who has done nothing for you and doesn’t know who you are. Kelly Stafford, a human woman, responded very sincerely with an apology for her weak moments.

This is not Stafford’s first silly moment. In the days leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic vaccination in 2020 and shortly after the FBI prisoner a group planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Stafford shouted in an Instagram story about how he has “survived” due to state COVID restrictions dictatorship which we call Michigan. ”

It was a deaf and silly message because there was a real threat to democracy in his state, which was fortunately prevented during a pandemic that killed people all over the world. What he did at Levi Stadium was immature and inappropriate, but also fun.

How could that person, a supposed Rams fan, do anything but laugh hysterically at Matt Stafford’s wife, who threw a soft salt shaker at the guy? The 49ers kick Rams in the stomach repeatedly, and at the end of the first half it was pretty clear which team would win. Then comes the moment when someone presumably starts yelling at Kelly Stafford about her husband’s turnover and she gets tired of it, so she throws a giant soft salt ring, pieces of salt and everything, to this attendant. It hasn’t been more fun pretzel attack After a free pretzel day at Springfield War Memorial Stadium in 1997.

Kids, don’t take this as an incentive to throw a pretzel. There has to be order and style in the games. We can not are carbohydrates, sodium, beer cheese and Bavarian mustard flying around the stadium. It would be chaos, so people, don’t throw your overpriced pretzels at anyone or anything at sporting events. BUT, if in the future one modest pretzel in a 68,000-seat stadium is thrown at an annoying fan, Record someone.


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