Kirsten Dunst OPENS about her wedding plans with Jesse Plemons: We’ll do it very soon

Show Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons has a lot in their hands. The couple met “Fargo” in the filming and share two sons: Ennis, three, and James Robert, seven months. However, Dunst recently appeared in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and discussed with Jesse about parenting and their wedding plans.

Meanwhile, according to Entertainment Tonight, the star said of his son, “We call him ‘Big Kahuna,'” Dunst teased. “He weighs 22 pounds at seven months old. just walk and run, she doesn’t even know what crawling is, ”she continued.“ I’ve been practicing sleep training for a 7 month old so I had a crying baby all night so I stay on the wire. He was so good, and then last night it was like shit hit the fan. “

Interesting, Dunst also discussed his upcoming wedding with his “Fargo” buddy. She burst out and said, according to Entertainment Tonight, “I kept getting pregnant and I kind of want to enjoy my wedding. I just want to drink and have fun. We will do it very soon, ”he said. “He’s my favorite actor … I’ve had kids with him, so I really, really like him a lot.”

However, in a recent interview, Kirsten claimed that he and his Spider-Man buddy Tobey Maguire did not receive equal compensation for the 2002 film. The actor admitted to The Independent in a recent interview that he and Maguire had a significant pay gap in the film. “The pay gap between me and Spider-Man was very extreme.”

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