Klay Thompson, Warriors feeds suspects with a threatening return

The Warriors have the best record in the NBA, but many people still doubt what Klay Thompson and Golden State are feeding.

It has been Golden State Warriors ’dream start for the 2021-22 season. In their match against a familiar face, Kevin Durant and Nets on Tuesday night, they hold the NBA record of 11-2. And they’ve done all this while Klay Thompson is still not on the floor as he continues to recover after being in the last two seasons due to injuries.

Despite this, suspicion of Warriors has been constant. Opponents have pointed out that the team has faced a “soft” schedule and some have even gone to call them fraudulent. For Thompson and his teammates, however, it’s oil on fire.

While Stephen Curry and Draymond Green also said the group was suspected, Thompson’s quotes resonate most deeply on the profile of Howard Beck, author of SI.com (subscription required). Thompson’s final statement was, “I love it. I hope people doubt us.”

This seems to be the opinion shared by the rest of the team, a group that Thompson also noted and which still includes the former NBA MVP and defensive player of the year. And when they add Splash Brothers ’sharply firing second half, they can be even more deadly.

Klay Thompson returns: When will the Star of Warriors play again?

Golden State’s million-dollar question is when exactly will they get Klay Thompson back on the floor.

While it may not be just around the corner, a recent report by Jordan Schultz showed that a return on Christmas Day when the Warriors face Suns could be a potential target for Thompson to return to the floor as he progresses. very.

Whenever he returns to the floor for the first time in two seasons, Golden State will likely continue to try to prove the suspects wrong. And given how motivated Thompson is already without him being there with his teammates, his return could be particularly threatening for the rest of the NBA.

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