Laura Ingraham confused Netflix’s “You” when slamming “Woke” TV

“What bothered me? I’ve never had measles? We never did a measles and vaccine episode ?!”

Fox news has provided questionable parts over the years, but this on “unresponsive television”, measles and Netflix You really take the cake.

Although Tucker Carlson, the far right Fox news the commentator who called the Australians “peasant” and claimed that we were under martial law for the sake of disguised mandates is usually the one who makes mind-numbing shots. Laura Ingraham has given us her own clip.

During yesterday Ingraham’s corner, Fox news the presenter devoted an entire episode to the “awakened” stories about COVID-19 and vaccinations that have been on the programs recently.

Conservative commentator Raymond Arroyo joined him on this boring topic and decided to bring out Netflix’s top hit. You, which included an episode of anti-vaxxers and measles spread through the children’s festival in its latest season.

Despite the fact that it was a fairly straightforward topic of discussion, the section was literally about the lines of the story of those who awoke, your the measles plot caused a lot of confusion for Ingraham, which only sent the entire segment into pure chaos.

“You know, I watched the episode You where measles appeared, “Arroyo said.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Ingraham interrupted. “When did I talk about measles?”

“I don’t know. It was on You,“Arroyo repeated.

“What was in me?” he asked. “What are you talking about? I’ve never had measles. We never did a measles and vaccine episode. Is this a joke? Raymond, I’ve never had measles. This is stupid!”

“NO. IT WAS ON YOU. It was an episode of the series, Laura, ”Arroyo explained. “YOU. YOU. IT IS CALLED YOU. It’s a show called You On Netflix. “

“Is there a program on Netflix called Laura Ingraham?” the Fox news the host asked again before Arroyo gave up completely and moved on to another segment.

When footage of the confusing interaction got online, people couldn’t believe how clumsy the conservative commentator seemed.

But while some likened the interaction to a sketch you only see Saturday Night Live, others claimed, “Who is the first?” and Peak time 3 The “Yu & Mi” style back and forth was completely intentional and scripted. Even your Penn Badgley emphasized the clip and said he thought the segment was “absolutely small,” but added that Arroyon’s delivery was “good.”

“It must be a little bit. The guy is committed, he really got me lol.” Badgley added. “But look how he expects him to cut him off.”

Raymond Arroyo finally took over Twitter and claimed the bit was “completely scripted” but most struggle to believe that Laura Ingraham is anything but as ignorant as in the segment she became.

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