LAUSD imposes a school quarantine on students who test positive

When the new semester begins on Jan. 11, unvaccinated LAUSD students may be subject to “school quarantine” if they receive a positive COVID-19 test.

During this “modified quarantine,” students can continue to attend classes as long as they feel no symptoms, are away from other classmates, and wear their masks.

If a student experiences COVID-19 symptoms, he or she will be required to be quarantined from home.

Students who test positive must also be tested twice a week during the modified quarantine.

According to a LAUSD instructor report, quarantine would mean “more students can stay in school after exposure.”

“Schools now have a new option called‘ modified quarantine ’that allows children to continue their personal education during normal school hours in accordance with the health officer’s quarantine regulations,” Los Angeles Public Health said of its modified quarantine option. “This new option is based on data collected by the National Institutes of Health during the first month of school, which showed that only a few quarantined children end up receiving COVID-19.”

This was part of LAUSD’s changes to COVID-19 regulations on Tuesday.

Under the new regulations, vaccinated students will no longer be required to take the COVID-19 basic level or take weekly tests.

Current LAUSD regulations require all students, regardless of vaccination status, to submit weekly COVID-19 tests to attend school on campus.

District outdoor camouflage regulations can be removed if the school is 85 percent vaccinated. The inner mask is maintained regardless of the vaccination status.

For the time being, all LAUSD students who are at least 12 years old must be vaccinated, and the second dose deadline is December 19, and it must be uploaded to the district’s “Daily Pass” by January 10th.

Although the FDA has not given full approval to COVID-19 for children ages 12 to 15, LAUSD set its own vaccine authorization, which is stricter than the state. Vaccines have also not been fully approved for 5 to 11-year-olds, although they are allowed to be given voluntarily.

Teachers and staff had to be fully vaccinated by Monday in order to work on campus, and 99% of them said they would meet the deadline.

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