Leon, the adoptive father of Keyshia Cole, died tragically in COVID-19

Vocalist Keyshia Colen the adoptive father has died of complications COVID-19, just months after the musician lost his mother.

Cole, 40, sent an emotional tribute to his father Leon Celle Instagram and told fans that he had unfortunately lost his battle with the virus.

“The only father I knew, he did such a great job here on earth !!!!!” the singer described the message.

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Keyshia Cole publishes a tribute to adoptive father Leon on Instagram
Keyshia Cole presented a tribute to her adoptive father Leon on Instagram after he died on COVID-19 (Instagram)

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“He made sure (even though he wasn’t my biological father) to keep a solid foundation and roof on all of our heads during the upbringing !!!!”

He added: “Many of our long talks about love and how a man should treat a woman. Perhaps the reason why a man hasn’t been able to hold on to me for too long.”

The The sky sent the singer described her adoptive father as a “very wise man” and a great example of love after 51 years of marriage to her adoptive mother, Yvonne Cole.

“Seriously the most loving guy I’ve ever known. And he’ll be missed so much! I hate that this has happened !!!” he said.

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Earlier this month, Yvonne told about Leon after she was hospitalized in the intensive care unit for severe COVID-19 symptoms.

“Mr. Cole is currently experiencing several health challenges due to COVID-19. He is in the intensive care unit,” he wrote Facebook on November 7.

“We ask that you send your support, love, congratulations, and prayers of comfort and healing to Mr. Cole and his loved ones at this time.”

Leon and Yvonne adopted Cole when she was two years old.

Keyshia Cole and her mother Frankie Lons.
Keyshia Cole and her biological mother Frankie Lons. (Instagram)

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It is the second musician to face the tragedy a few months after Cole revealed that his biological mother Frankie died in July.

Cole had agreed with his mother in recent years before the 61-year-old died of a suspected drug overdose.

“This is such a tough man. I don’t really even find the words. SMH. I honestly don’t even know how it feels. You can never prepare for that … ever !!! but you’ll be missed,” Cole wrote on social media.

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