Little Harris goes to the movies with the whole gang

Little Harris went to the movies with the whole gang. See the post he shared on social media.

“I had fun with the family at the premiere of Ghostbuster Afterlife. Visit theaters on November 19th! Thx @rasheeda invited #ghostbustersafterlife,” he wrote.

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Someone said, ‘That’s what we love to see,’ and the follower said, ‘What are Little Reign and little Miss Heiress talking about? These two are so damn smart!’

One follower said, “Respect is over! Good when it doesn’t come back! ‘ and the commentator published this, “I am so ready to watch this with my children! The family always makes the movie better !!

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One fan said, “It only made sense for one person to keep the mask on,” and one commenter posted, “I don’t understand what kind of picture that Negro Kurt always looks like he doesn’t want to be there … I can’t wait for him to leaves her ass.

He also shared a surprise with the fans:

‘Atlanta !!! We can’t wait to get to Kick It in our hometown !! Nothing but good singing and big r & b hits! Get your @ticketmasters tickets, if available! See you there 12/18/2021. ‘

One fan said, “Clear your throat Why Jacquees is in line. He’s not a 90’s rnb-fit no shadow, and the fan said, ‘Damn I wish I was still in Da A real music, a concert of my type.’

One commenter said, “This is such a great lineup, this show is going to be so Lit all the Good Singers live Legends hello from Tiny Savannah, Georgia.”

Little Harris shared a photo on their social emdia account that amazed fans. See the message he shared here.

‘I had a fun Halloween night! I know I’m late, but you all know me and I’m posting to good friends .. thx @therealnoigjeremy for my cute $$ – outfit @shereeglamdolls did me the right thing as usual and @lacedbyvonte_, he wrote his post.

Someone else said, ‘I was poison ivy this sweet too’ and one follower said, ‘Ooo, good looking moms give a lot of MOTHA EARTH thous!’

One fan said, “I don’t usually look at married women. But you look good .. lol,” and one follower said, “To the owners of humanity and compassion for those who read my comments where I and my family live in hell of poverty. Please help me with a small sum of money to meet the need God will reward you with good.


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