Marry First Sight’s Gil and Myrla Break Up

So much for a happy ending.

Just last week, Married at first sight fans saw how the two couples decided to stay married at the end of the series season. But at the reunion show, which began on November 17, one duo decided to change direction altogether. When talking to the host Kevin Frazier, Gil and Myrla confirmed that they had recently divorced.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t been together since the closing date,” Gil explained. “Fourteen days after the closing date, Myrla decided she no longer wanted to be with me.”

So what went wrong? According to Myrla, it was about “different things,” including worries about the economy and admitting that they were just “so different.”

“For me, the original attraction and chemistry didn’t exist from the start, and I realized I wasn’t happy,” he explained. “I think there was an attraction, but for me it has to be more.”

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