Missouri’s Eric Schmitt puts NASCAR logo on “Let’s Go Brandon” products

NASCAR President Steve Phelps recently warns of goods with the NASCAR logo

Months ago, fans at several sporting events began to sing: “Get Joe Biden!” At the time, the phrase was used primarily in college football games.

See a picture of Let’s Go Brandon shirts and other products below.

In early October, Brandon Brown drove to the winning streak in the Talladega Superspeedway race in Alabama. He got out of the front of his car for a quick interview.

In the background, fans started singing “Get the fuck out of Joe Biden.”

The reporter heard the sentence incorrectly and reported it back like this: “Let’s go Brandon!” Since then, the phrase has changed and “Let’s Go Brandon” has taken over the nation. It is sung at almost every sporting event and extends far beyond NASCAR.

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Eric Schmitt

Republican Eric Schmitt is the Missouri Attorney General. He is also a candidate for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Schmitt has unique promotional products. He has put a popular phrase on his shirt and more.

“Hearing this type of Brandon gets a lot of attention. Get your by-product today and support it, ”Miss Scholar Attorney General Eric Schmitt said on Twitter with a picture of the item.

Bumper stickers, bumpers, t-shirts and hats in the online store all have the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon”.

In addition, other items have the phrase “Winner’s Circuit.” It could be a nod to the same case from Talladega.

See Let’s Go Brandon products here.

The president of NASCAR warned of “Let’s go Brandon” products

In addition to the well-known phrase, all items have inseparable bars from the official NASCAR logo. The red, yellow and blue ribbons are almost identical to the logo.

Just a few weeks ago during the Phoenix Raceway Championship, the president of NASCAR spoke about a sentence that arose from the NASCAR event. He noted that NASCAR has nothing to do with left-wing or right-wing politics.

He also stated that “We will guarantee anyone (use logos) and we will get those goods.”

The phrase was heard later that day in a front stretch interview at Phoenix Raceway’s NASCAR Truck Series.

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Let’s Go Brandon T-Shirt

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