MLB Cy Young: 2021: Brewers’ Corbin Burnes Wins Phillies Zack Wheeler National League Award

The National League Cy Young was one of the closest prize competitions in baseball this year, and on Wednesday night, the Baseball Writers Association of America announced Milwaukee Brewers ’right-wing Corbin Burnes won the 2021 award in a tough vote. Phillies ’right Zack Wheeler was right behind Burnes and came second in the vote. Max Scherzer finished third.

Burnes and Wheeler each received 12 of the first 30 votes, although Burnes received more second-place votes (14-9) to take home the prize. Scherzer got six more first-place rules. Here are the scores (five points for the first vote, four points for the second vote, three points for the third place vote, etc.):

  1. Burns: 151
  2. Cyclist: 141
  3. Scherzer: 113

The 10-point difference in victory is the smallest in NL Cy Young’s history. This is also the second time the winner and runner-up ended up with the same number of votes. In 1981, Dodgers ’left Fernando Valenzuela and Reds’ right Tom Seaver each received eight first-place votes, with Valenzuela winning the prize with a total score of 70-67.

Burnes, 27, just ended an incredible era when he became the first pitcher in the modern era (since 1900) to lead all qualified pitchers in overtaking, walking speed and running home. The dominance of course statistics allowed Burnes to win significantly fewer innings than Scherzer and Wheeler in particular.

This is how the three National League Cy Young finalists finished:

Corbin Burnes, breweries








Max Scherzer, Nationals / Dodgers


179 1/3






Zack Wheeler, Phillies


213 1/3






The 11 wins are the lowest ever for Young Young’s award-winning starter in 162 games. Between this year’s Burnes and Blake Snell’s AL Cy Young in 2018, it’s clear that voters are starting to favor the dominance of price statistics over mass shifts. The best pitcher per game turn is Cy Young’s favorite.

Burnes is the third Brewers pitcher to win a Cy Young Award and joins the Hall of Famer in Rollie Fingers (1981) and Pete Vuckovich (1982). That was when Brewers was part of the American League, making Burnes the first pitcher in franchise history to win a National League award.

As a finalist, Scherzer was guaranteed the eighth place in his career in the top five in the Cy Young poll, fourth in history after Roger Clemens (10) and Hall of Famers Randy Johnson and Greg Maddux (nine each).

Other National League hurlers who received Cy Young votes this season are Dodgers right Walker Buehler and Brewers right Brandon Woodruff. The full results of NL’s voting are available on the BBWAA website.

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