MLB rumors: Yankees, Braves are interested in Justin Verlander; Atlanta, Freddie Freeman stuck in his sixth year

As we count the days to the end of the CBA period on December 1, we have MLB rumor front action. So now let’s go for a quick walk in those sun-spotting meadows …

Yankees, brave to Verlander

Master Braves may want to add a veteran hand to their turn, and a certain two-time Cy Young winner may be of interest:

Verlander has played in one match over the past two seasons due to Tommy John’s surgery and is not a well-known number at the age of 39 after a long rehabilitation process. All of this, however, means that Verlander is likely to end up signing a short contract – for one or two years, perhaps rightly so. Such a short-term commitment should be appealing to a winning team like Braves. It is noteworthy that when Verlander last played all season in 2019, he won the AL Cy Young Award.

If this partnership materializes, Verlander would join the Braves tour, which already includes Max Fried, Charlie Morton, Ian Anderson and, they hope, Mike Soroka from early summer.

As for the Yankees, who are expected to be quite active this winter, they are also watching Verlander:

Ace Gerrit Cole skillfully attaches the front of the Yankees, but after that there is uncertainty and unknown amounts. As noted, Verlander is unlikely to be a guaranteed producer in 2022, but he would add another option that will improve performance for the Yankees.

Sixth year clinging with Freeman, Braves

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Freddie Freeman, the first player and warrior poet in world champion Atlanta Braves, is a free agent. While it is widely expected that Braves ’lifetime will return there, that is not a matter of course, and there is reportedly still a significant gap in negotiations between the parties. More from MLB Network’s Jon Heyman:

The six-year contract will lock in Freeman during his 37-year campaign. This would probably go a long way to his downturn, but that’s how these things go for the current superstars in the free agent market – you get great production up front and you pay for it backwards. Freeman is still at or near the peak of his skills, and he believes he will be a differentiator on the plate for at least the next few seasons. Since the Braves are apparently in win-now mode, Freeman is an important part of them. And that says nothing about his immense popularity among the fan base. Other teams are no doubt interested – including the Yankees – but let’s assume the Braves and Freeman will accomplish something. So far, however, nothing is certain.

The twins are guarding the deal with Buxton

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After a disappointing 2021 season, Twins, who won the AL Central championship in 2019 and 2020, may expect a turnaround. As part of any type of change, switching to midfield player Byron Buxton in 2022 may be of interest to the team. However, this may not happen, largely because Twins fans may not be able to stand it. Here’s this from Dan Hayes and Ken Rosenthal from The Athletic:

“Chairman Jim Pohlad, according to Premier League sources, is reluctant to move Buxton because he knew such a decision could upset a fan that is tired of seeing the team split with domestic stars. But Twins has not reached an agreement which is eligible for free agency after the 2022 season. And the chances of the team returning to the competition in Buxton’s final season under club control seem slim without any veteran starting pitchers returning from the club’s tour. ”

Buxton is one of the best defensive central players in baseball and is an excellent basic runner. In addition, he has cultivated strong power on the plate over the past few seasons. However, Buxton’s problem is health. Only once, in 2017, has he managed to play at least 100 games in the main season. The pain is still real and fascinating for the soon-to-be 28-year-old, but his inability to stay healthy is equally undeniable.

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