NBA 2021: Steph Curry scored a goal for Golden State Warriors vs. Brooklyn Nets, score, news

Sometimes you just have to enjoy the show. This was the mentality of the Brooklyn Nets fans who strangely cheered for the second Steph Curry championship despite coming against their team.

Sometimes you just have to enjoy the show.

This was the attitude of Brooklyn Nets fans to strangely encourage another Steph Curry championship course despite it coming against their team.

Curry blew a game record of 37 points with nine three-point wins in the Golden State Warriors victory at the Nets 117-99 Barclays Center on Wednesday (all-time AEDT).

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The Warriors star fired a very effective 12/19 off the field and added seven rebounds, five assists, two assists and one block in 29 minutes.

It happened a week after Curry broke the NBA’s all-time three-point record, and it was his 37th game in nine triangles. The next highest are James Harden and Damian Lillard with nine each.

And while the success stories between the top two teams didn’t quite live up to expectations, at least Curry’s impeccable performance gave Nets fans value for their money.

Curry made an early four straight behind the arc and scored 12 points in the first quarter.

But his former teammate Kevin Durant was just as effective in offensive Nets in the opening season as he himself scored 12 points 4/7 of his shot from the field in two triangles.

Harden added eight points, two rebounds and two assists in the goal-scoring first quarter, with the Nets leading 34-31.

Curry’s elite shooting from the deep sparked a widespread cheering at Barclays Center, and the NBA world was also honored for his production.

Andrew Wiggins came to life in the second quarter. He scored 13 points in six minutes, including a three-pair in the last 30 seconds and opened the Golden State 63-58 lead at halftime.

The Warriors gained more energy in the third quarter to increase their lead to 13 points, but in a big blow, Curry had to leave the game with seven minutes left after picking up his fourth mistake.

However, it didn’t matter, as Golden State rushed to blow up his lead to 22 points by the end of the third quarter, even as Durant and Harden played through the minutes Curry sat.

Curry then regained his hot touch with two more three to open the fourth quarter – his seventh and eighth game – to continue the Warriors attack, causing Steve Nash to clear his bench with nine minutes left.

After currying the curry in the ninth triangle, the Cheers of the Nets fans grew even more in the arena, and they clapped for the double MVP every time he touched the ball.

Superstar Warriors left the game after five minutes and the benches of both teams played the rest of the match.

Curry helped lead the Warriors to an effective 51 percent shot, with Wiggins (19 points) and Jordan Poole (17 points, four rebounds, four assists) also playing well.

Durant scored just seven points after the first quarter and finished at 19, while Harden had 24 points in the 10/11 free throw, which is an encouraging sign.

The Warriors, who have recovered from a loss to Charlotte Hornets, have now won eight of their last nine matches and finished first in the Western Conference with the best 12-2 score in the NBA.

The Nets dropped to 10-5 to hold the third seed in the East.





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