NYC Sanitation Workers Suspended Unpaid for Alleged Counterfeit COVID Vaccine Cards

Employees submitted vaccine cards from the same CVS in Brooklyn.

According to a city official, several dozen New York City sanitation workers have been charged with submitting forged vaccination cards to fulfill the city’s COVID-19 vaccination authorization and have been frozen without pay.

The city’s investigative ministry is investigating the allegations, and spokeswoman Diane Struzzi added: “The DOI is aware of allegations of false vaccination cards and refuses to comment further.”

According to Joshua Goodman, a spokesman for the sanitation department, the sanitation department in New York is also investigating the situation in cooperation with the DOI.

“These are very worrying allegations, and we take them very seriously,” Goodman said. “Vaccination is important for public health, and we will not tolerate anyone pretending to be something that is a requirement for employment in the city.”

More than 87% of the department’s approximately 10,000 employees are either fully or partially vaccinated, according to WABC ABC New York.

“Anyone found to have falsified their vaccination will be suspended without pay,” Goodman added.

Employees claimed to have provided the correct CVS cards stating that they had received a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but after confirmation, authorities understood that CVS had not given J&J vaccine since May.

Workers lied about taking a dose of J&J because it was easier to fake a single shot. All the cards came from the same CVS in South Brooklyn, but were distributed to several sanitary stables.

Currently, accused sanitation workers are threatened with a three-week ban from competition without pay.


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