OM: Agents were indeed shot wild after the robbery of the transport of valuables

According to the prosecutor, after the robbery of valuables in Noord, agents were indeed shot. Although the file shows that none of the bullet strikes can be attributed to the robbers ’weapons, the public prosecutor is convinced that the agents were shot.

It was reported this weekend that an investigation into bullet attacks in Brook homes and police cars in Waterland has shown that these are police ammunition. Also, a bullet collision with a car windshield and two horse trailers come from police guns. The attorney general announced in court on Monday that he sees no reason to suspect the witness statements of the agents. “Untrained shooters have already fired from one escape car while driving.” According to OM, this would also be reflected in the fact that bullet cores were found in Broek, Waterland, on the car and on the road surface.


The fact that, according to forensic examinations, there are no indications yet of targeted shooting does not mean that this has not happened. This is also evident from the statements of the officials. At the beginning of the hearing, the public prosecutor read such a statement: “He shot, he shot around, it looked like he was trying to hit everything he saw. I saw the gun pointing towards us, I looked down the barrel. ”

However, lawyers for the six suspects claim the shots were not fired. They want the public prosecutor to remove the charge from the charge. Otherwise, the prosecution may demand a much higher sentence for the suspects: for attempted murder and for attempted murder. Arne Kloosterman, a lawyer for the suspect Sidy S. (38), says only the shots were fired into the air. “The reports were there first. And there was also chaos, a lot of emotion. During the robbery, shots were fired into the air, so I can imagine that in the heat of the moment, people will think, ‘We’re being shot.’ But I think the opposite is true. “


This is also evident from the camera images and witness statements. According to the defense, only the bullets of the suspects were found in Meeuwenlaan, where only shots were fired into the air. But the public prosecutor notes that eight shells of ammunition from the suspects’ weapons have indeed been found in Broek, Waterland. They were on the road and in a police car.

The prosecution does not intend to remove charges of shooting the police from prosecution. The lawyers’ request to add visual material to the file has been granted. The investigation into the shooting is also still ongoing.


The robbery took place last May at the precious metals company Schone BV in Meeuwenlaan. The robbers then threatened with automatic weapons and fired into the air outside the branch. The robbers then flee to Broek in Waterland, where the chase eventually ended in a meadow.

Six suspects arrested in pursuit, police shot 47-year-old Frenchman to death. Last week, a 20-year-old Belgian suspect and a 44-year-old Frenchman were arrested. Another suspect has also been arrested in Kosovo. They will come to court later. Further arrests will not be ruled out.

Pro forma proceedings will continue in January. The actual processing will begin in September.

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