Pat Cummins acknowledges the test captain’s additional inspection

The position of test cricket captain is arguably the most prestigious job in the country – a job that preceded the first prime minister and is more supervised than anything else, especially in the world of sports.

Pat Cummins says he is ready for the review, but also used his first press conference as a skipper to demand more kindness and understanding from both fans and the media.

NSW’s fast bowler comes into the role as a beloved player and assistant, and was immediately asked if he was ready to remain below the magnification class as a team leader.

“It doesn’t bother me too much. I know the role comes with extra monitoring – for ten or 11 years I’ve played in Australia in public,” he said.

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“I don’t always get things right, I’m really not perfect, there will be things that come up, but as long as I get to sleep the nights, I’m really comfortably responsible for all of this.”

Cummins will replace Tim Painen as captain, and Steve Smith was named new vice captain.

“In terms of moral character, I’m probably the toughest critic of myself and I condemn it,” Cummins said.

“I have had some great conversations with Richard [Cricket Australia chair Richard Freudenstein] and Nick [CA CEO Nick Hockley] and they have just reiterated their strong support for me, the players and the staff here. “

Cummins said he wasn’t too comfortable with the station constantly being raised to the stand.

– The great pressure and responsibility of being perfect is unreasonable, I think it is too much to demand from anyone, he said.

“You have to have permission to grow. We have players who are teenagers who have just left school, who are growing up. They need to be able to fail and be aware of it. They will be allowed to grow out of it.

“Sometimes it sends a bad message that everything is perfect and no one has mistakes. I will definitely defend players if they make small mistakes – they have a chance to grow.

“We have to manage our expectations for everyone a little more – I think we sometimes have to be a little kinder and more understanding.”

Tim Paine takes an indefinite break from cricket

Cummins will become the 47th captain of the men’s Test cricket team and the first fast bowler in nearly 60 years.

“I think there’s a couple more unknowns about getting a bowling captain,” he admitted.

“From the beginning, I was totally determined that if I were the captain, there would be someone like Steven next to me.”

Cummins said he was experienced enough to cope with the workload of both the bowler and the tactician.

“I feel a general excitement, instead of being too nervous about what might happen.”

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