Pixel 6 will receive a surprising update in mid-November

One-digit change in building number without explanation


Google’s Pixel 6 had a slight update dizziness earlier this month, and Verizon models received the November update later than expected. after Google accidentally released it to more phones than it should have. As a result, Google has just released a brand new upgrade pair for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro – your guess is as good as our reason.

The change in the build number of this new release is small, and Google is jumping from SD1A.210817.036 to SD1A.210817.037 (emphasis on ours, ignoring the difference following in the Verizon-specific version that changed from A8 to A1). No change log was provided for this update and we have not yet seen it published to any device. There is a very small (about 160 kb) difference in image size between the two updates to Pixel 6.


By comparing consolidated versions between two publications.

Comparison of Pixel 6 versions – two new ones are at the bottom.

Given the small change in the build and similar image size, it probably hasn’t changed much in this latest version. Irregular timing (mid-Tuesday instead of the first Monday of the month as usual) likely means it was released to fix a critical issue or vulnerability, but we can’t be sure. Google promised to fix a screen flicker issue in December, and an error in the animation’s scale settings could break the always-on screen, along with other bugs, including a problem with SIM cards. However, Google has not published any documentation related to this release anywhere we can see.

We’ve contacted Google to find out what may have changed in this latest update, but the company didn’t respond immediately to our survey. If and when an explanation is coming, we’ll let you know, but we may not respond. Such single-digit restructuring updates have come quietly in the past, but tend to hit more device models

If you want to unpack this latest release before the OTA is released normally to see if it fixes the problem for you, you can download it here using Google’s handy browser Android Flash Tool or install the full factory images of the unlocked boot loader device.

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