Prince Charles tells of Queen: “Not as easy as before”

Prince Charles has told of his mother’s health when he returned to “light” royal duties after he was forced to cancel a series of engagements.

Prince Charles revealed today that the Queen was “all right” when she returned to work, but admitted that the ruler did not consider it as “easier as before.”

The 95-year-old has had to cancel four engagements a month because of his health, and doctors have told him to rest.

The Prince of Wales, 73, spoke on Wednesday about his mother’s health after meeting with business executives at the Royal Scientific Society in Amman, Jordan, with his wife, Camilla.

Asked how the queen is, Charles replied, “She’s fine, thank you very much. When you get to 95, it’s not as easy as it used to be. It’s bad enough at age 73.”

Charles and Camilla are on a four-day trip to the Middle East after receiving assurances from the Queen that she was okay before they left this week.

The Queen held her first personal engagement at Windsor Castle today after canceling a series of events on medical prescriptions.

It happens when the Prince of Wales was seen collecting holy water with the Duchess of Cornwall.

He is said to have asked for the return of holy liquid from Jordan for use in future royal baptisms – and is said to be flying back “five or six bottles.”

Charles and Camilla dipped their fingers in a river believed to have been baptized during their trip to the Middle East.

The Queen gave her son the blessing of continuing the royal tour despite his health.

He spoke to the Queen in a touching call to make sure she survived a back injury that forced her to miss Remembrance Sunday.

The Prince of Wales was convinced that he and Camilla were fully aware of the first post-Covid royal project.

The couple began their four-day trip to Jordan and Egypt as the queen stayed at Windsor Castle to recover from a sprain.

He raised new health concerns by canceling his appearance at Kenotaf for the first time in 22 years.

He will continue in “light missions,” but royal observers are concerned that he has now canceled four public engagements a month.

But the monarch seemed eager to return to his normal duties when he met General Sir Nick Carter, chief of defense staff, at Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

Dressed in a green, orange, and white flower suit and wearing a pearl necklace, the ruler – who is the commander of the Defense Forces – smiled and shook hands with General Sir Nick as they began to talk.

“Media frenzy”

It is the Queen’s first personal job since October 19, when she will host a reception for guests attending the Global Investment Summit, including billionaire Bill Gates.

And the queen was followed in engagement by her corgi Candy, who appears in a sweet clip greeting General Sir Nick in the castle’s oak room.

General Sir Carter – preparing to step down as head of the armed forces at the end of the month – was seen standing next to the queen in the castle’s oak room.

Sources have also claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not join the Queen on his first Christmas without Prince Philip, sources claim.

It is understood that Sussexes are spending their holidays at their California mansion with Archie, 2, and five-month-old Lilibet to avoid a “media frenzy” when he returns to England.

This year is the first Christmas since the Queen’s “power and stay” Prince Philip died in April.

The palace invited Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, to a traditional Christmas Day celebration in Sandringham, but they are due to refuse. Page six sources understand.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was copied with permission.


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