Prisco NFL Week 11 Selections: Chiefs Edge in Cowboys Thriller, Cam Newton Wins Former Coach, Buccaneers Rebound

It’s always wise to focus on the good before the bad, so I do just that.

I won 4-2 with my best bets as part of the Pick Six Podcast, bringing my season record to 33-30. It’s good.

Now for the bad. I finally had that awful week picking up all the games against the spread. I went 5-9 and dropped my season record to 79-68-3. My direct record was 7-6-1, so my record for the season is 89-60-1.

Last week was one of those boards I just didn’t feel I had a good idea about making choices, so I kind of waited for a low week. Also, Brady Quinn, who shows me weekly selections at CBS Sports headquarters, had almost the same selections as me. So I knew from his bad weeks that I was on my way to throats. One more thing: Will Brinson had a good week, which shows how bad the week was and why I didn’t do so well. He’s chosen like the guy who throws the darts into the wall.

So turn it around – and I hope I don’t have many of the same choices as Brady Quinn.

Latest odds:

Atlanta Falcons +7

The Patriots have won four in a row, making them push Buffalo in the AFC East. The Falcons looked horrible last week against the Cowboys. But these games are always difficult for visitors. I don’t think that’s the case here. The Patriots will move on as Mac Jones plays well.

Care about: Patriots 27, Falcons 19

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Latest odds:

Philadelphia Eagles -1.5

The Saints play consecutive road games outside the division, which is difficult. The Eagles were impressed last week with a win in Denver and Jalen Hurts is improving weekly. But this Saints defense is good and I think it will slow down the Eagles attack. The Saints get along with enough insult.

Care about: Saints 21, Eagles 17

Latest odds:

New York Jets +3

The Dolphins have won two consecutive games to reach 3-7 and won Baltimore with an impressive defensive show last week. This defense makes it difficult for the Jets quarterback to play. Dolphins has been hit by the quarterback, but it looks like Tua Tagovailo is coming back. They win behind their defenses.

Care about: Dolphins 23, Jets 10

Washington football team in the Carolina Panthers (-3.5)

Latest odds:

Carolina Panthers -3.5

This should be Cam Newton’s first start, and it will come against his former coach Ron Rivera. Washington is without two starting defenses, which will be a challenge. Carolina’s defense improves weekly, forcing Taylor Heinicken to switch. Carolina takes it.

Care about: Panthers 24, Washington 16

Latest odds:

Buffalo Bills -7

The Bills got back on track last week with a win over the Jets, while the Colts defeated the Jaguar. Buffalo’s defense continues to play top football, allowing only 3.8 yards per rush to the ground. That’s the problem for Jonathan Taylor and the Colts attack. It forces Carson Wentz to beat it, but he doesn’t. The bills take it.

Care about: Invoices 30, foals 20

Latest odds:

Cleveland Browns -10

Baker Mayfield has been beaten, but is expected to play. He wasn’t good last week against the Patriots, but Brown’s defense was just as bad. Lions got a tie in Pittsburgh last week, but this is a bad place against a desperate team. In addition, Lions play consecutive road games. Brown big ones.

Care about: Browns 32, Lions 19

Latest odds:

Jacksonville Jaguars +6

The 49ers made a big impression when they won the Rams on Monday night. But this isn’t going to be easy traveling around the country for a short week after a big win. That’s why I like Jaguars. Their defenses play well, and this unit keeps them in this game and could cause a shock.

Care about: 49ers 23, Jaguars 21

Latest odds:

Tennessee Titans -10

The Texans are going to see it, but there’s little to believe they would have recovered much from the terrible performances before the release. Tennessee is spinning right now, but the concern here is disappointing after so many big games. That’s natural, but Texas people are so bad it doesn’t matter. Tennessee rolls.

Care about: Titans 29, Texans 16

Latest odds:

Minnesota Vikings +2.5

The Packers are currently playing a great defense, which will be a real challenge for Kirk Cousins ​​and the Vikings. Minnesota had an impressive win last week on the road against Chargers. But this Packers team gets the attack back on track and uses a defense that slows down Cousins ​​in this great game. Packers take it.

Care about: Packers 24, Vikings 19

Latest odds:

Chicago Bears +6

Ravens looked horrible when they lost to Miami last Thursday. The Bears stop saying goodbye, and Justin Fields looked better against the Steelers just before saying goodbye than in any other game. Ravens don’t look right at all. The bears hang behind their defenses. The Ravens will win it, but hardly.

Care about: Ravens 21, bears 20

Latest odds:

Las Vegas Raiders +1

The Bengals are missing out, while the Raiders have lost two games in a row. Cincinnati did not play well before what he saw, and it faces a desperate team. Find the Raiders pass Rush to get after Joe Burrow and make no difference here. Las Vegas is back on track.

Care about: Raiders 30, Bengals 25

Latest odds:

Seattle Seahawks +2.5

The Cardinals should get Kyler Murray back here when they lay eggs against him last week against Carolina. The Seahawks are in a state of survival after losing to the Packers last week. The Cardinals and Murray get a tough off-road victory that will really dampen Seattle’s chances of a playoff.

Care about: Cardinals 28, Seahawks 20

Latest odds:

Kansas City Chiefs -2.5

This is the game of the week and should be an offensive penalty kick between Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott. Last Sunday night, Mahomes got the attack back to what we expected to see before the season. It will continue here. The Cowboys also make their points because the Chiefs ’defense is still not great, so look for a high-scoring game where the Chiefs come on.

Care about: Chiefs 34, Cowboys 30

Pittsburgh Steelers (+4.5) at the Los Angeles Chargers

Latest odds:

Los Angeles Chargers -5.5

Ben Roethlisberger could return to this after the Steelers got Lions equal when he didn’t have time to attend COVID. The Chargers haven’t looked as sharp in the attack for much of the past month, which will be a challenge against the Steelers ’defense. This feels like a Steelers home game with all the Pittsburgh fans present. It plays like one, too. The Steelers will win it in shock if Roethlisberger returns. If not, all bets are off. I’m waiting for him back.

Care about: Steelers 23, chargers 20

Latest odds:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -11

The Giants are on the lookout, while Tampa Bay is coming up with a horrible show in Washington. Bucs returns to attack here, but the defense struggles. That’s why I think Daniel Jones and the Giants are thriving.

Care about: Bucs 26, Giants 21

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