Queen Holds First Audience in Windsor After Sprains | Queen

Three days after the sprain interrupted her at a memorial service at Kenotaph, the Queen was back on her feet, albeit in danger of being promoted to Candy by her beloved dog.

When the 95-year-old ruler was photographed performing face-to-face at public events at Windsor Castle with General Sir Nick Carter, Candy waded in to the Chief of Defense as he entered the castle’s Oak Room.

Smiling Carter in a full military braid bowed to the Queen with the words “Your Majesty” on the stiff head before she spoke to the curious pet “Hello to you,” which made the dog jump back nervous.

The general progressed across the room with ginger taking the first steps to avoid the sovereign dorgs, which are the cross between the corgi and the dachshund.

The queen declared herself “quite sad” about Sir Nick’s impending retirement, adding, “It’s a long time.” He replied that “eight years is a long time.”

The general mentioned the late uncle of the Duke of Edinburgh, saying: “In fact, the only person who has done longer, I am told, is Lord Mountbatten… so I am quite surprised by all this.” The queen laughed and replied, “Oh really? Or so?”

He added, “I think if you get to that job, it’s easier to continue, isn’t it?” Carter replied, “I think that’s right. However, I have to say that I think there will come a time when it is ready to continue.

Carter will step down at the end of this month.

This is the first time in nearly a month that the ruler has been described as performing a personal commitment since he hosted a global investment summit reception in Windsor on October 19th.

The next day it was reported that he sought medical advice to rest, and it was later revealed that he had spent one night in King Edward VII’s hospital “for preliminary examination,” although no further details were given.

Now, only for the time being, he has had to withdraw from a two-day planned visit to Northern Ireland, the reception of world leaders at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow, and the General Assembly of the Church of England on Tuesday. .

He met Prime Minister Boris Johnson face to face last week, but was not described as doing so.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles spoke publicly about the Queen’s health on the Jordan tour, saying, “She’s fine.”

When a Sky News reporter asked the prince, who was celebrating his 73rd birthday on Sunday, how his mother can and sends his best wishes after the Queen’s recent illness, Charles replied, “She’s fine, thank you very much. When you get to 95, it’s not as easy as it used to be. It’s bad enough at age 73. “

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